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[IPS Marketplace] Magnum Theme

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Magnum is a clean, modern, creative multipurpose IPS theme comes with advanced features including responsive drop down navigation, Google fonts, custom html full-sized widgets, Advanced footer and a powerful touch slider that can be integrated with (IP.Content) as a complete package for infinite slider.

Magnum theme is beautifully responsive and mobile friendly. integrated with the powerful Swiper which is a modern touch slider. magnum is a pixel-perfect design, works great on tablets, mobile phones. You can integrate the slider with (IP.Content) to showcase your articles in a beautiful design. This is not just a theme, Magnum comes free with awesome article styles, And the price is really cheap compared to any other advanced themes ^_^ 




  • Swiper Slider
    Magnum theme comes with a modern touch slider that integrates with (IP.Content) as a complete package for infinite slider. beautifully designed to showcase your articles. It is entirely responsive, meaning that it can work on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers, comes with lots of settings and customization's You can enable or disable the slider and magnum theme still looks great.

  • Custom Full-sized Widget
    Add a custom widget on top or bottom of your website with group permissions, You can also choice where exactly to show the widget, Great for guest message or any other user groups, or to use it for custom ads and/or custom html 
  • Priority Navigation
    Magnum theme comes with a responsive navigation to show your website menus in a beautiful drop down or sliding effect.

    Advanced Footer
    Magnum theme comes with a secondary footer fully customizable, you can add Links, About us information, Social icons. You can even assign a block feed to the footer links,  You can easily change colors, background color and/or adding a background Image to the footer.

    A different article styles
    Magnum theme comes free with 3 extra article styles, customized and designed in a beautiful way to show articles in one column or two columns, you can assign the styles for the main database page and/or as a block anywhere you want, responsive design even if you use it on sidebars.

  • ...Comes with tons of usefull settings and other customization including google fonts...


Magnum theme comes with a beautiful and highly customizable slider You can set it as a full screen or a custom height



Magnum theme is beautiful with or without the slider


3.pngWelcome    A Test Forum   IPS Community Suite.png



Magnum theme comes free with awesome Image featured articles



Custom Full sized Widget   Articlsdsdes   IPS Community Suite.pngtopic.png



A temporary demo page 





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