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[Invisionize.eu] Usurper's Blog - Another godawful test post

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Was actually contemplating abandoning my idea of using IP.Content for an article system and making a kludge of IP.Blog instead. After revisiting the app, I'm sticking with my original plan.

From what I'm seeing from the user's side of the application, the blog also lacks the ability to create multi-page articles. I can only hope that it's added to IP.Content soon.

I'm also seeing the ability to create new categories on the fly, which is nice, but there doesn't appear to be any sort of global categories I can choose from. In essence, the blog itself would have to be the category, created manually by the admin, with permissions given to the staff to post entries into it. I suppose the built-in category feature would then amount to subcategories for my site, allowing it to retain the same makeup.

Still, having the ability to create the fields I require gives Content quite the advantage over Blog for article management.

I wonder if my drafts still vanish into thin air on this site like they did before the latest beta. Guess I'll know in a minute. Update: My drafts disappear from view never to be seen again. I wonder why that never got fixed.

Zobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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