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[Invisionize.eu] vandango's 2nd Blog - InvisionUni.com - The place to learn from your teacher (well the computer) coming soon.

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I've had a few questions about what is InvisionUni.com and Id thought Id share some information about it.

I thought of InvisionUni.com a while back when a topic called IP University sprung to life on the IPS Customer Lounge, and they were talking about how much it easier it would be for people to learn IPB (+ add-ons) if there was a place to go to, that easily told them how to do things instead of looking for help otherwise.

So this got me thinking about maybe there such a thing could work an invision uni perhaps. So after endlessly searching these forums, and of course Google I came to the conclusion that there is no real place dedicated to help teach others to master their purchase. I mean what's the point of buying something if you don't know how to use all the features? Seems pointless really.

However IPS have introduced their new customer resources section that is filled with guides, directions & instructions on how to change this or fix that, and how to do that. However personally I believe that its still all just a pile of documents with stickies attached to sort of help find your way around. This gave me more reason to start InvisionUni.com

So what will InvisionUni.com be like? Well its going to be like a uni, you pay for a course which you want to do, with the aim of helping you in the future (with your community). Instead of having all of the resources piled into a heap of pages (like the customer resources section), we have setup courses, such as "Invision Power Board 101 - The Basics" That goes through step by step on everything you should know from downloading to uploading, to installing and making your first forum. Other courses we aim to offer include, "Skinning and Design for IPB", "Moderation", "Invision Power Board - The next step" + heaps more to come yet. When you do each course it includes step by step guides, demos, explanations, via words/articles, video screen casts and of course screen shots, and to ensure that you have understood what you've learned, we have even included a mini test at the end of each course. And if you don't understand a bit of the course you can talk to the "tutor/teacher" via email, live chat or even by submitting a ticket.

When will this be open? The aim is for Feb/March 2010 however beta testing and/or development may delay this. Were also aiming for this to be as cheap as possible and offer many flexible options for users so you can either select one course or pick a package.

Currently we are also looking for some people to help out with the site which are paid jobs (*NOTE: this is not meant to be a full time real job, but a job that you do in your spare time. i.e. its not a full time proper job, just a hobby/spare time job, just to clarify.) jobs include: PHP developers, tutors/teachers with EXTENSIVE knowledge in Invision Power Services Products to write/develop the content, skinners & designers to help make the site visually attractive, if you are interested in any please email jobs@invisionuni.com or visit http://help.invisionuni.com and submit a ticket to the jobs department or talk to us via live chat.

I hope that the IPB community will take this on as a real opportunity for those to help expand their knowledge and help enhance their community.

Any questions or comments email me at ben@invisionuni.com or leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for updates!

Ben. CEO Of InvisionUni.com

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