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[Invisionize.eu] IPS Resources - Community Projects Development Update - December 2009

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I thought it would be a good time to inform you of the current community projects and how they are progressing.

Community Skins

We know it's been a while since Beta 1, and the skinners are hard at work to polish the first Release Candidate and get it as stable as possible for use on your websites, at this current stage in development the skins will not be compatible with the new Betas of the official IPS Applications, a new point release will be made around the time that the applications go final, providing compatibility then.

We are hoping to get another release out very, very early in the new year.


IP.Tracker is currently in a very stable release which we are happy with, and in September the team started work on 1.4, and within a weeks coding managed to get a major amount of the work done. IP.Tracker 1.4 is our 'inbetween' release, it includes some of the great new features you can expect in 2.0, has a major overhaul in the Admin CP in terms of user interface (which you will see more of in 2.0), and is more tightly integrated with IP.Board.

We will have a few blog entries on IP.Tracker 1.4, and a few screencasts, in the new year! We also hope to have some more information for you about IP.Tracker 2.0 mid-way next year, stay tuned!


IP.Shoutbox is also currently in a stable release, with little known bugs. The next release planned for Shoutbox, unless any major bugs pop up in the meantime, is 2.0. This will be a major overhaul providing you with dozens of new features, more integration, and overall a better shoutbox experience. We will be rewriting Shoutbox from scratch, finally getting rid of code which we no longer use. There is not much to give details about at this present time, but Terabyte will post some more information nearer the time.

IP.Converge Modules

The three active IP.Converge Modules are stable, and will directly link your Joomla, and Wordpress installations with IP.Converge, providing a single login for all the applications you use.

The Converge Modules are hard to support and develop from our point of view, because you need intimate knowledge of multiple products, the majority of which are not in the IPS family, so we are not familiar with them. This is a community project, and we would love the community to get involved more. If you know a particular product really well, such as CopperMine, then feel free to develop a IP.Converge module and let us know about it, we'd love you to do this and I am sure the community would aswell. We need people like you who can integrate products into IP.Converge, and be willing to let the community use them. If you would like documentation on how to integrate products into IP.Converge, head over to the IP.Converge article on the resources site!

That is it for a wrap-up of community projects so far, we'll have more information on the above soon, and we have something up our sleeves to be posted soon!

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