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[Invisionize.eu] Mr Retail Psyche's Blog - How To Boost Retail Sales Before This Holiday Season!

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Now that Black Friday has past and all consumers have spent there pay checks on electronics what are the furniture retailers going to do to capture their sales before this holiday season?? Well first off we must start with a strategic plan: I think a good start is to start with the basics: Do a holiday card email to your customers and express your gratitude for there business in the past year...Most retailers forget to thank there customers...Consumers love to hear that they are appreciated and not forgotten. You must also include in the email a small gift in return of there patronage. They will be back to your store in no time with that gift certificate. Second, we must not forget to target 20% of your top repeat customers this holiday season. Maybe even send them a box of chocolates with a gift certificate to spend in your store. This really ignites the sale flame!!! Remember how the old saying goes, 20% of your customers make up 80% of your business! So make sure you target your best customers, your return will be doubled before the holiday season. I have seen retailers do this including myself and the consumer just feels compelled to come back and spend money! Third, make direct phone calls to your top customers expressing a wonderful holiday season and making them aware that if they need anything you will take care of them: ex. finding something special for a gift or something for their house at a great price! We must not forget that each and everyon one of use is a resource business tool that by no means have limits. We must reach out of our mental blocks and go beyond our norms to tap into a new level of promoting sales in different ways. There are so many intelligent ways to reach our customers and promote/land the sale. Be creative and never stop trying something new. We have nothing to lose, just to gain!

Happy Holidays To All The Retailers Around The World:

"Keep Promoting And Keep Selling"

Mr Psyche

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