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[Invisionize.eu] gvvg561's Blog - You May Not Be Ranking As Well As You Think In Google

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If you are an internet marketer or website owner you may be getting the wrong results when they are using Google. Google made some changes to its search results. When you are searching from your Google account it may affect your search results.

Here is what is occurring. If you are like many marketers and website owners you may be a little bit obsessed with how well that your website or sites are ranking. This obsession likely causes you to check your search results daily or multiple times each day.

This constant checking isn't a bad thing in and off itself. However, if you start clicking onto websites listed in the results it will potentially alter what you are seeing in its results pages.

If this is you the results that you are getting may be false and not what others are seeing. The problem with these inaccurate results is based on what Google calls personalized search. When you are in one of your Google accounts it records your reactions to the results. Whatever sites that you click on are recorder as a vote of sorts for that website. So if you are click on your website or your competition it eventually will alter the results that Google provides to your account only.

If you have a habit on clicking onto your own site or the competition when searching from a Google account it will definitely alters the search results that are provided. I was reminded of this fact today. I was checking to see where we were ranking for the search Arizona SEO. We had been ranking in the 10th position. Today, when I checked the results had us at # 1. My first reaction was wow, that a big jump. Then I glanced up to notice that I was in a Google account. As soon as I logged out the results went back to the # 10 position.

This can go the other way as well. If you have a habit of click on your competitors sites while searching it will eventually start ranking them higher than they actually appear to the general public. This also unfortunately offers unscrupulous SEO providers a tool to manipulate potential clients so do beware of this. If some one is providing to a demonstration of how well they rank or their clients rank check to see if they are logged into a Google account. If so ask them to show you their results from outside a Google account. The differences can be amazing.

Just another thing I though that you could use. It is the little things that we have to be aware of that can make a huge difference.



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