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[Invisionize.eu] Mr Retail Psyche's Blog - Retail Emotions During The Work Day

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Another day in the retail world is here! All business owners experiencing similiar feelings on their business in this spiraling economy! We all wake up feeling slightly more depressed than others and we are going thru this shake out together! That's right, when i say together we are like one big family in business experiencing same woes. So the question remains how do we get through these difficult times that we are experiencing now and ahead of us? Well for one we are not in this alone, so that's the first sign of building a positive attitude towards making ourselves feel better at opening our business doors every morning. Second, each and every one of us has some type family backbone: whether its your kids, wife, parents, relatives or just plain old good friends. We have poeple that are supportive of us through these distressed times. Sometimes outsiders provide us with a sense of security during times that can't be weathered! I find myself being emotional stable when i just wake up knowing my kids are by my side or that i know its not the end of the world! We have to put things in perspective which i know its hard to do under pressured circumstances! Listen guys we are a team and were gonna get thru this together. Let's provide everyone here in the retail world some great approaches to reaching emoitonal stability during these stressful days at work. Please, let's here some business retail owners express how they get thru there day and reach some type of emotional balance with business and there life??????

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