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[Invisionize.eu] Darkpony CS - From: Member Subscription Module?

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snapback.pngag1266, on 27 November 2009 - 09:08 PM, said:


Came on here searching for some help on changing IPB login page to AMember login on IPB 3 and stumbled across this topic. Been using AMember for a couple of years now on two seperate sites (though not for overall login control, but now I'm taking things a bit further and trying to bring Joomla into the picture too for things like news article comments (but only for registered members) I want one single sign on and see AMember as being the ideal "umbrella" to manage both) I can't praise AMember highly enough. Just gone through testing with IPB 3 and works perfectly in upgrading/downgrading user groups as subscriptions appear/expire.

I initially planned on using it to provide additional photo/video content to my users (it works brilliantly with .htaccess to protect content, but without having to maintain an access list), but also to upgrade paying members forum status so they got a cool little "Supporter" logo under their forum username and additional PM storage etc. Installed the eval of AMember, worked perfectly, put the eval onto my live site and within a day had raised enough from subscriptions to pay for the commercial version! Their support is fantastic too. Same model as IPB. As long as you maintain support you get upgrades etc and they've done customisation work for me at no extra charge.

It does do a lot more than besides IPB so initially it might look complex, but it's actually VERY simple to get up and running - 5 minutes at most if you meet the pre-reqs for install. They're also very helpful if you do run in to issues.

Best advice I can give is get the eval (it's fully functional) and try it out. I don't think the IPB3 plugin is in the eval package yet, but just contact them and they'll send you a copy - they did for me last week.



Source: Member Subscription Module?

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