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It doesnt take much to amuse me, it has to be said. A picture of a cat in an amusing situation with bold white text making a joke of the image usually does it. Ive even been known to laugh at Harry Hills awful Saturday evening TV programs.

So, imagine my delight when a link for this appeared in my twitter stream. Its only 1:18 long and I swear itll be the best use of just over a minute youll make today. Its like watching two drunken robots trying to stand up for more than a few seconds.

What makes it funnier is that its not trying to be funny, its just badly coded.

It's the simplest of games. One SumoTori Stands on the left. One SumoTori stands on the right. They face each other. You start by pressing down on the cursors. Then your control is limited to pressing up cursor to walk forward, pressing back-space to throw one arm around and enter to push both together. Your aim is to force your enemies to your knees, or at least manage to stay standing for longest.

While bouts are over in a handful of seconds at best, perhaps what?s most memorable is what happens afterwards. You see, while none of the defeats or victories have any dignity, the SumoTori hold desperately to a code of honour in the face of their malfunctioning nervous systems. When they fall over, they attempt to rise and bow to each other. Which sounds simple, but then you have moderate control of your extremities. In their case, they can get themselves stuck in loops, stumbling off the stage, breaking the barriers around it and falling arm-spinningly off into the distance.

Source: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2007/12/02/rps-advent-game-o-calendar-december-2nd/

You can even download it and have a play yourself by downloading it. Thanks to @charltonbrooker and @kierongillen

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