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[Invisionize.eu] Matt's Blog - Moody Bishop Bashes Christmas Carols

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Debbie tweeted the link to the source article at the BBC and my thoughts were too verbose to be contained in a single tweet.

Popular Christmas carols contain “nonsense”, and adults who sing them should be embarrassed, the Bishop of Croydon has said in a book.

The Rt Rev Nick Baines criticised adults singing Away In A Manger “as if it related to reality”.

The bishop also suggested that the last word of the title O Come All Ye Faithful be changed to “faithless”.

He said Christmas was being sentimentalised into a fairy story, which he said was “tragic”.


He added: “All sorts of fantasies have grown up around Christmas and it has been sentimentalised into the sort of anaemic tameness that has made many people think of it as nothing more than some sort of a fairy story – which is nothing short of tragic, because nothing could be further from the truth.”

So, we can’t sing Christmas Carols because the thought of singing about babies in mangers that don’t cry is utter nonsense, but it’s OK to believe that Mary was a married woman who remained a virgin who later claimed she got knocked up by an omnipotent entity and Joseph went along with that.

Rt Rev Nick Baines, Christmas may be sentimentalised into a fairy story but isn’t that because religion is pretty hard to swallow with a straight face?

Next he’ll be saying that Santa isn’t real. The meany.

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