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[Invisionize.eu] Matt's Blog - Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

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  • Just checking out seesmic for blackberry. Not bad. Ignores the BB autotext though. Will stick with @ubertwitter #
  • Just heard that five dolphins exploded during the screachy bit of Mariah's song. Greenpeace are furious. #
  • Just heard that five dolphins exploded during the screachy bit of Mariah's song. Greenpeace are furious. #xfactor #
  • So, #jedward are to go tonight? Almost feel sorry for them. They've been allowed to think they have a future. #xfactor #
  • Reckon they'll be presenting kids TV though. Groomed to follow Ant and Dec. #xfactor #
  • Marriage isn't realising its time to settle down. Its accepting you are able to spend the rest of your life in the wrong #
  • Watching a little of "House Bunny" Surprisingly funny. "My eyes weren't glazing over. They were taking a break". #
  • #ipb #blog owners, 'list' view returns, properly! Still WIP, but here's a sneak peek: http://bit.ly/5dYTI7 Filter options to be added. #
  • In the market for a new #ipb skin? Check out Skinground for some nice gamer/dark BG skinshttp://bit.ly/4AEX8e #
  • Just so we're clear, IPS doesn't officially promote #ipb mods / skins but I like to tweet links when I see them. Not asked to or paid to http://blog.mattmecham.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif #
  • Hey! Look what's on Nick Jnr 2! I loved this as a child. http://mypict.me/1FuA7 #
  • Who ever invented coffee deserves a pay raise. #
  • Fighting with MySQL again. Seriously considering adding view support for MySQL 5+ / MSSQL would make things oh-so-much easier. #
  • Having to create view like indexes which is just silly but we have to support MySQL 4 still. Ah well. #
  • Got a large complex query down from temp table and 0.2s to no temp table and 0.002. Moving on. #
  • Danger! Danger! High Voltage! When we touch! When we kiss! Gawd bless Spotify. #
  • As much as I love Spotify for dipping into the odd album I don't want to buy, I don't think I'll ever be comfortable 'renting' my music. #
  • Brain going a little numb from connecting the dots in code that my brain has already written. #
  • Can someone let me know what I was about to do? #
  • If Facebook was available on the Death Star: http://bit.ly/5G8qhi #
  • On the final stretch with #ipb #blog. Tidying up some of the APIs to use the newer functionality. #
  • Hope your day is going swimmingly. I'm fiddling with the #ipb #blog ACP. Giving it the once over. Just had a superb idea for a nifty class #
  • Started work on my nifty little class. Will spill when it's complete. Able to write some pretty code as it's not a core class. #
  • I have a bunch of google #wave invites apparently.If you want to be utterly confused by a crazy-ass IM client then DM/reply with your email #
  • For the #wave invites – you can email me: mattmecham at gmail. Be warned: GW makes me feel horribly inadequate. More so than usual. #
  • I feel like an OAP at a rave when I load the GW dash and randomly click around in the hope I can see the emperors clothes. #
  • RT @invisionps: O'Reilly Answers community now available http://bit.ly/7jBvfz #ipb – Yeah, that IS an IPB! #
  • Morning all http://blog.mattmecham.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif Finishing up my new class for #ipb today. #
  • Finished my #ipb class. It's a handy little RSS feed importer that can be used by any app/hook – http://pastebin.com/m6cbf2d0a #
  • Added some posted image functionality in #ipb 3.0.5 due to this feedback topic: http://bit.ly/4n5Mrv – We do listen! #
  • Waiting to get my hair cut. Dreading the inevitable small talk about Christmas. #
  • Hair cut. Small talk wasn't bad. We talked about our kids. Always an ice breaker. #
  • Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all our US customers! Enjoy your turkey! #
  • Very quick work out: Weighted pull-ups then 10 mins with a speed rope. Still sore from 80 x 80kg deadlifts yesterday. #
  • Tweaked the "save" button for the #ipb Lightbox. Added it without touching the actual lightbox JS code. http://bit.ly/6PPkGK #
  • Now back onto the last #ipb #blog feature. Should have it complete tomorrow. #
  • Is it wrong to get slightly exciting at the prospect of writing a brand new class? #
  • All the heavy lifting done for the last #ipb #blog feature. Just the boring form / auth / save stuff to go. Screenshots tomorrow hopefully. #
  • "Log on to our website". When is the last time you had to "log on" to a website? #
  • I'm going for a Guiness World Record attempt! Worlds longest tweet! Wish me luck! #
  • Oh. Apparently the record has already been set for the worlds longest tweet. Record shared by 6.4 million people http://blog.mattmecham.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_sad.gif #
  • If it's spelled "werewolves" why is it pronounced "wherewolves"? If they were wolves, what are they now? #
  • Found a bit of a Spotify loop hole. Reg a new last.fm account. Scrobble while playing spotify tracks. Download last.fm app and … #
  • … Listen to your new accounts library. Plays the tracks scrobbled from Spotify without ads or needing spotify player. #
  • Morning all! #
  • Forms and authentication is so tedious. Lets make a pact. Promise to never try and hack the blog and I'll save us some coding time. Deal? #
  • And also, if you could add entries via CLI, that would be just great too. User interfaces are overrated. Waste of processing time IMO. #
  • Ok, just about done with the last feature for #ipb #blogs – RSS import. Takes an RSS feed and imports an entry for each article. #
  • Screenshots #ipbhttp://bit.ly/6iO3SV and http://bit.ly/5YpEoo Note how entries have a little RSS icon next to 'Posted By' when imported. #
  • Wow. Just been to the walk in centre with Luke. Modelled very closely on hell. Small room. Two horror children, one stressed mother. #
  • Horror children not ours. 5 year old and 2 year old. 5 year old quite evil. "You've got a f***ing fat *rse you b**ch" one snippet from him #
  • Mother was barking and snapping constantly to no effect. Even her "demon" scary voice didn't phase them. Scary indeed. #
  • We left without seeing a doctor. Nothing too serious. Suspected hand, foot & mouth (not CJD). Got an appt. with a GP later. #
  • 50 minute wait for the doctor. Out 5 minutes later with two printed sheets of paper about hand foot and mouth. #
  • Its a very common thing in pre-school kids. Nothing serious. He had a mild temp. A few nights ago and hasn't been himself. He's fine tho #
  • Luke was amusing a couple of elderly ladies with his antics. Shaking a large plant, collecting the leaves and putting them in the bin. #
  • Hungry. Might indulge in a hog roast. #
  • Parents are like politicians. Lots of bold proclamations later retracted in return for a small cookie. #
  • They desaturate clips from last weeks #xfactor so you know its old. Would be better in grainy sepia with fake handlebar moustaches. #
  • Stacey is a fantastic singer. Just wish she wouldn't talk. She sounds like the love child of Jaime Oliver and a Wiltshire pig. #xfactor #

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