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Hey everyone Christian here,

Recently I stumbled upon a Wiki project to do for someone:


This project was a sing-sign on bridge. This was already implemented, but for older versions of IPB. I used to be on the project last year but I left it, because I had work so I couldn't contribute to it fully. I had old logs set for it for fixes but never really got to finish all of it as I was busy as stated earlier.

So when I decided to do it I wanted it to work for the latest version of IPB, because that what I use.

Originally the IPBWiki interface worked up to 3.1.x I believe. So I modified it a bit and did some remodeling in the AdminCP so the structure would fit it. Currently there are a few noticeable bugs in the AdminCP (not bugs, rather Skin issues), but I'll fix that in the later versions. Right now I want to fully get back into Mediawiki again and check it out.

For a demo of the IPBWiki head here:

TODO List:

  • Ask users for features they need :P (I still need to brush up on my coding skills but ill do my best)
  • Integrate IPB's default theme with it. (currently uses some other themes and it's default theme.)
  • Fix some AdminCP skin issues.
  • Language Packs ( Right now its a bit dusty, but im trying to learn how to implement languages in it so give me time)
  • Remove dependencies for older versions of IPB as I will not support them.

If you are planning on giving it a go for yourself:

Mediawiki 1.20.x+ requires PHP 5.3 as the minimum

Mediawiki 1.9.x requires PHP 5.2 as the minimum

Features of IPBWiki:

  • Seamless integration of the login system of MediaWiki and Invision Power Board. Your website visitors get the convenience of a single sign-on into the forum and the wiki, leading to an increased community participation. IpbWiki provides 2 authentication methods:
    • Transparent User Authentication: if the user visited the forum and there exists a forum session, then user is automatically logged in into the wiki.
    • Non-transparent User Authentication: Clicking the Login button in the wiki authenticates against the forum database and logs the user in both the wiki and (optionally) the forum.
  • Integrated Skins: Out of the box skin integration.
  • Configure Wiki-Rights: grant wiki-rights (read, edit, minoredit, createpage, createtalk, move, delete, undelete, protect, block, createaccount, upload, reupload, reupload-shared, rollback, patrol, editinterface, siteadmin, bot, asksql, checkuser) based on the member's Forum User Group and member's number of posts.
  • Supports BBCode & Emotions: IpbWiki Parses BBCode so your forum members continue to use the familiar forum BBCode, leading to an increased community participation. Emoticons are also supported.
  • Automatically link keywords in your forum post to wiki-topics by using the Automatic wikification extension, or link to topics manually by using the [wiki] bbcode
  • Discussion Threads: possibility to configure IpbWiki to redirect the wiki discussion tabpage to a forum discussion thread, again leading to an increased community participation.
  • Rating System: Allows your visitors to provide feedback how much they like your articles.
  • Limited CMS capabilities: Add topiclists and forum posts inside your wiki pages.
  • Online Users Integration: Show in 1 list who's active on your forum and wiki.
  • Poweful & Convenient Control Panel: All options can be simply selected turned on/off in your Admin CP Panel.
  • Link multiple wikis to 1 forum
  • Since IpbWiki is based on MediaWiki you can automatically enjoy all features of MediaWiki when you use IpbWiki
  • No Programming Or Editing Needed: Simple installation and a user friendly control panel supports configuring features as you need.
I will be applying updates and patches when needed, when I have the time to add them. Since I am still in "School" I wont be on as much when September-June hits.

The integration is free since Mediawiki and open source. I will try to get this into IPB 4.0 when it releases, but it wont be immediate (hopefully not a lot changes)

Click here to download this file

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