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Hi there. :smile:

I'm here to offer you the opportunity to download all my paid resources for a reasonable price, well below the value of all resources together.

See below the list of all 61 paid resources offered on this promotion:

Posted Image

As you can see, on a quick sum, all paid resources together would cost, today, $411,35.

As part of this promotion, you have 3 options to choose:

  • Plan 1: Download all CURRENT resources for $100.
  • Plan 2: Download all CURRENT + FUTURE resources for 06 months for $150.
  • Plan 3: Download all CURRENT + FUTURE resources for 12 months for $200.


  • All files are compatible with IP.Board 3.4.X and will be updated to IP.Board 4.0 once is released.
  • All files will be available here on IPS, on your Client Area; a manual purchase will be generated for each file.
  • It is important to notice that the plans 2 and 3 will give you the ability to download all the new files that will be released during the term of the plan chosen (6 or 12 months). I can't determine for sure exactly how many new resources I will be releasing but as you've probably noticed, I am always releasing something new.
  • Payments must be done via paypal and will have a hold time of 72 hours for security measures (PM me to get the paypal email address).

I hope you enjoy this promotion.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you wanted feedback from clients who have already purchased this plan send me a PM.

Have a nice day! :thumbsup:

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