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Last year, I had to move to a new place where now I am living. It was very far and where I had no TV to watch and no film to see and no library to read. I had nothing else to do. Life then to me was like a desert.

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However, to my great surprise, I found a web bar, which was very far from the place I lived. I entered the bar that day. It was from then on that I began to immerse(使陷入)myself into Internet.

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When I first came into the bar, I didn’t know how to access the Internet. With the help of others, I opened a homepage(主页), finding it was full of colorful and rich contents. How interesting it was!Clicking the mouse, I set up my own e-mail address under the guidance. I read sports news, entertainment news and all kinds of much other information.

I was becoming happier and happier. On holidays I sent e-cards to my friends to express my greetings. I also bought several books through e-business and ordered free e-magazines, which were of much help to my study.

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Hearing that finding a job on Internet is very efficient, I am ready to have a try.

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I was and am being benefited from the Internet, which makes me realize that the quality of life is as important as life itself. With the company of the Internet, I will never feel idle(闲着的) any more

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Someday in the future we may not need to have money in our pockets. Is life easier when people don’t need to carry any coins or currency at all? Is money heavy to carry? Is it safe to carry money? Maybe in the future each of us will have only one small plastic credit card. We will use it to buy all the things we now buy with money. We will not need money to pay for things.

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Of course we may still have some of the same problems with cards that we now have with money. Sometimes we lose money. Maybe we will lose the card. People steal money. Maybe someone will take the card. Someone may even make a card that looks like our card. Since we can’t buy anything without our card, the credit card may be no better than currency. 

Is there something even easier to use than credit cards? All of us have a thumbprint. No two thumbprints are the same. Maybe someday the government will keep people’s thumbprints with a number. No person will have the same thumbprint or number. When we want to buy something we will put our thumbs on a machine or computer. Each store or business will be in the computers. It will be very difficult to lose our thumbprint. It will be very difficult for someone to steal it or make one like that.

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