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[] IPS Marketplace Blog - Videos System v3 (Several new features)

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Videos System v3 has been released and is a major update with several new features and design improvements. A full list of the changes and improvements can be found below.

(M34) Videos System 3.0.0
Last Updated Jun 10 2013 12:40 AM

Major Changes:

  • The portal index has been re-designed and now includes latest comments, top rated and recently updated videos.
  • The category view has been re-designed and now includes a thumbnail or list view mode.
  • Comments have been upgraded to use IPB's own comments class.
  • Mobile skin support has been added for the portal index, category view, video form and view video pages.
  • support added for IPB's tag class for videos.
  • Media tags have been added for Facebook & Vine media tags. Both of which support automatic thumbnail downloading.
  • Media tags have been added for the JustinTV & TwitchTV channel pages, both include the side chat box and automatic thumbnail downloading.
  • support added for category or video following.
  • support added for IP.Contents feed plugin (videos, categories and comments).
  • support added for IPB's like/reputation class for videos.
  • Search support has been upgraded to include both video and comment search as well as tag search.
  • New quick add video option, enter the media url and category and the system will attempt to get the video title/description automatically. (Not all media urls supported.)
  • New "Post As Video" hook that allows you to extract media urls from a post and post them into the Videos System.
  • Some design improvements added to the global videos hook, including auto scroll and collapse.
  • Extra videos now supports setting own titles and an ajax switcher for changing the video without page load.
  • Featured videos area has been improved to include ajax switcher for changing to other featured videos and the option to show embed code on page.
  • Notification support added for add, edit, approve, unapprove and moderator pending videos
  • Basic video upload support added with flowplayer integration. No transcoding done, video must be compatible with flowplayer.

Other Changes:

  • Data hook support added for add, edit videos and comments.
  • Optional setting to restrict duplicate media urls from being posted.
  • Per category rss feed export added for each category.
  • support added for the furlRedirect plugin.
  • support added for the Quick Navigation plugin.
  • Discussion topic now uses tags from video if used and a thumbnail quick tag.
  • Cleanup tool added for orphaned and broken thumbnails and uploaded videos.
View my other IPB modifications here.

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