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[] IPS Marketplace Blog - Links 4.0.9 Released

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Links 4.0.9 is now available.

I would like to go over some of the small, but useful new features and related changes.


User-uploaded images used to be tacked on as an 'afterthought', when generally they needed to replace thumbshots.

Now, they take full stage, if you choose to utilize user-submitted images.

There are now four ways of generating images for submitted links:

For thumbshots and webthumbnail, the option to cache the images to disk instead of continually hotlinking is provided. For URL, the image is always retrieved from the given URL for security and stability.

It is completely extensible, as needed one can drop a new API file in.

Images stored will be re-sized to fit the dimension settings if they exceed the settings.

Whether they will be 'generated' at all is now a per-category option.


There is now an option to use a 'portal' style index, replete with fully template hook-able sidebar.

This is on display at the demo here:


There are now options on what action to take when a member is flagged for spamming or deleted in links.

For Spamming, you can choose to:

  • Do nothing.
  • Hide all the members links.
  • Delete all the members links.
For Deletion you can choose to:
  • Make the member's Links posted as a guest.
  • The above, and Hide all the member's Links.
  • Delete all the member's Links.
Video doing a run through the new settings here:


I have redone the furlTemplates of the application to account for many unfurled areas.

You as the end-user may now permanently customize the whole furl structure by placing a file named 'furlTemplates.custom.php' in the application's /extensions/ directory.


I have added a template tag to the application.

This means with very little code you can pull up Links data:

{parse links="$filtersArray" template="hookOurAffiliates" group="links"}
Fairly straightforward tag, 'template' is the skin template to use, 'group' is the skin group. so let's look at what options are available for $filtersArray, which is everything basically in getLinks:
	 * getLinks
	 * Fetches links based on different critera
	 * @param	array	Filters (see below for specifics)
	 * @return	array
	 * catId		Get links matching the (array) category ids, (int) category ID
	 * linkId		Get links matching the (array) link ids, (int) link ID
	 * authorId             Get links matching the (array) member ids, (int) member ID
	 * memberData		Set memberData (this->memberData is used otherwise)
	 * onlyViewable		Set whether this member can view them or not. (default is true)
	 * sortField		Sort key (link_added, link_id, etc)
	 * sortOrder		asc/desc
	 * skipCategoryCheck	Skips the category ID IN list check to ensure you have access to view (good for when using perms elsewhere)
	 * lidIsGreater		Where LINK ID is greater than x
	 * lidIsLess		Where LINK ID is less than x
	 * dateIsGreater	Where DATE is greater than UNIX
	 * dateIsLess	    Where DATE is less than UNIX
	 * commentsIsGreater Where Comments Count is greater than x
	 * commentsIsLess  Where Comments Count is less than x
	 * pinnedOnly	Pinned links only
	 * statusType Open/Closed Links Only
	 * affiliatesOnly only pull affiliate links
	 * extraWhere Extra WHERE clause data
	 * searchTerm/searchField Performs a search of the given term on the given column.
	 * skipTags do not pull/parse tag data.
	 * parse parse members/links
	 * limit, offset	Limit the amount of results in the returned query
So basically, to pull up the board index Latest links, I could just use this code in a template:
{parse links="array('approvalType' => 1,'limit' => $this->settings['linksLatestLinks_max'],'sortField' => 'link_added','sortOrder' => 'desc','parse' => TRUE)"}
As the 'template' defaults to 'hookLatestLinks'. :smile:


Previous/next buttons are available on link view to browse with.

Default Sort Order is now a per-category option.

This is a paid Application and can be purchased from the IPS Marketplace here. You can find other applications, IP.Content Modifications, and hooks by me here.

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