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==> Click Here to Watch Touch Season 2 Episode 12 Online!

==> Click Here to Watch Touch Season 2 Episode 12 Online!

Episode Name:

Fight or Flight

Air date:



With the Aster Corps quarterly report just days away, executive Nicole Farington (guest star Frances Fisher) becomes increasingly desperate and the pressure is on for Calvin Norburg to deliver results from the company’s ongoing study of the “Righteous 36.” Following an intense encounter with Aster Corps enforcer Tanner (guest star Sweeney), Martin schemes alongside Trevor Wilcox (guest star Greg Ellis), who puts it all on the line to go undercover and prevent the company’s distressed executives from harming innocent test subjects in the name of corporate greed.

It probably started with us seeing Avram again as two men came to kill Martin and kidnaps the kids. Something about his need to say someone’s full name eventually annoys the hell out of you, much less the fact he is so amused by Jake that he follows him like a puppy gets ridiculous after awhile. But, considering where doing so gets him in this episode, hopefully he will have learned his lesson.

Also, I must say I am starting to get tired of Jake giving the lucky lotto numbers then expecting everyone to go on a wild goose chase to find what the numbers mean, much less no one coordinating the information they have so that everyone knows what is going on. For example, after Martin talks with Detective Lange and spills his guts about all that has happened since they left New York, with Amelia backing what he says, he goes on a spree looking for Avram and never thinks about calling.

Then, add on this search for the 36 which is continuing. Now, I get Aster Corp has found a way to lure in at least 7 members by opening a front which uses their brains while they sleep, and then drugs them, but this whole one person per episode thing is getting sort of boring to me. This episode features a battlefield doctor (McCormick) who left the army and then had trouble sleeping. With his hands being touched by god, it is determined he is likely one of the 36 of which Aster Corp are using. Naturally, Jake is the one to ultimately find him, but for once, he doesn’t get his way. You see, after Martin had to escape his home to go to Avrams, he wanted Jake to stay inside with Avram and not go anywhere. Avram, being the man he is, follows Jake blindly and just tries to piece things together than be the adult in the situation. So, when Martin, with Amelia’s visions helping, finds Jake, he yells at Avram and leaves him where he is. Then, right after some men kidnap him

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