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Watch Iron Man 3 Online | Watch Iron Man 3 Online Free


Watch Iron Man 3 Online He’s dealing with the aftermath of spectacular events in a very grounded and human way; he’s a larger than life person realizing that things can actually affect him, that he isn’t untouchable. Stark grows as a human being over the course of the film, making it feel extremely meaningful. This feels, as before, like the role Downey was born to play, his command of it is so outstanding. If there’s a critique of the plot to be made then it’s that the genius of Tony Stark takes a little to long to figure out the initial mystery.

When the endorphin high of The Avengers wore off many found themselves wondering Watch Iron Man 3 Online how exactly Marvel would make the solo films feel worthwhile in a post mega team-up world. Iron Man 3 answers that question, slams on a pair of killer shades and blasts away in its Audi filled with charm, joy and entertainment.

There are so many things that could’ve gone colossally wrong, felt rote Watch Iron Man 3 Online and been slathered with cheese in this film but Iron Man 3 just nails it. Smarmy business type baddie? Nails it. Opening and closing narration? Nails it. Eastern terrorist leader? Nails it. Pissed off love interest? Nails it. Temporary kid sidekick? *** nails it.

Shane Black‘s script is Watch Iron Man 3 Online such a strong element, the rock solid foundation that the entire thing stands on. It twists on expectations at almost every turn and goes in directions you wouldn’t expect. It deserves commendation for doing so instead of just playing it safe. Iron Man 3 is really a rather brave film; franchise stuff with this much money riding on it never takes the chances this movie takes.

Watch Iron Man 3 Online The dialog is quick, witty and clever, in the tradition of the franchise as well as Black’s previous efforts. He balances rather serious darkness spectacularly with the humor. It’s almost more of a comedy than an action film, and there’s still heaps and heaps of action. It’s also acutely self-aware, but not too much for its own good. Black manages all this without losing control of the film.

Speaking of the action, it’Watch Iron Man 3 Online s excellent. They’re constantly doing innovative things with the Iron Man armor that we simply haven’t seen before and Stark also gets in on the action outside of the armor. So do his compatriots.

Watch Iron Man 3 Online It’s just above all fun, so much fun. From the moment ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)‘ blares over the opening logos you know you’re going to be thoroughly entertained throughout.


Robert Downey Jr‘s Tony Stark somehow manages to be even better than he was in The Watch Iron Man 3 Online Avengers. This time he’s made more human and vulnerable whilst completely maintaining the devilish charming *** attitude.

Watch Iron Man 3 Online There are few actors better at playing sleazy dickbags than Guy Pearce and he plays to his strengths here. He’s not in the upper echelon of comic book movie villains but he’s easily above the previous Iron Man’s efforts. Ben Kingsley is also truly great, putting in an unexpected performance and delivering a very memorable, unique villain. On the third try they’ve finally managed an asymmetrical threat to Iron Man. Unsurprisingly they’re the best of the bunch.


Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Peeper Watch Iron Man 3 Online Potts gets more to do than ever before and she handles it neatly, keeping pace with the ball of energy that is RDJ.

Watch Iron Man 3 Online Rebecca Hall is a fantastic actress but her role is a tad undercooked for her development to feel truly impactful but greater crimes of underwriting have definitely been committed and she still feels important to the plot.

Jon Favreau provides a great foil for early comedy and a gateway to making things personal for Tony while Don Cheadle is largely absent from the first half only to bring his A-game in both action and comedy for the end stretches.

Minor players do their parts admirably with the standouts being Ty Simpkins as a kid that Tony confides in at his moment of need and an uncredited appearance from Happy Endings’ Adam Pally as an avid fan of Tony’s.


In terms of comic bookiness it possibly surpasses The Avengers, this is perhaps Marvel’s strongest statement of intent to date; that they aren’t afraid for things to get weird. This confidence oozes from Iron Man 3 and if it rubs off on the rest of Phase 2 and beyond fans are in for a treat.

As with almost all instances of 3D post conversion it’s ultimately unnecessary, not actively degrading the viewing experience beyond having to wear those dumb glasses but not adding anything to it either.


Final Verdict: It truly defies expectation that simultaneously the seventh entry in a series and a threequel manages to be so remarkably fresh. Iron Man 3 is the perfect way to kick off the summer. Chockfull of action, drowning in humor and fun but still managing to feel weighty in the emotional department. There’s not much more to ask for.

Cert 12A, Running time 130mins

After saving New York in last year’s Avengers Assemble, Tony Stark dons his full metal jacket once again for a richly enjoyable Marvel superhero sequel.

Thrilling, great looking and with a refreshingly comical tone, this is everything a summer blockbuster should be.

Picking up right after Avengers, billionaire playboy Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is still coming to terms with his near-death experience.

There’s little time for introspection, mind you, with super villain The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) unleashing a campaign of terror that threatens his sweetheart Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and best pal James Rhodes (Don Cheadle).

Just to test Stark’s mettle/metal further, there’s a secondary villain in the shape of Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), while Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall and William Sadler pop up in supporting roles.

Director Shane Black brings a lightness of touch with much of the slick, fast-talking patter reminiscent of his earlier film, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Black is cannily aware that superhero films are inherently ridiculous and, despite Stark’s dark night of the soul, he keeps things breezily amusing.

That’s reflected in the dialogue and barely a scene goes by without a killer of a one-liner, with The Mandarin getting some of the best.

In fact, he might be the most eye-catching superhero villain since Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning turn as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

It’s also a visual feast with no end of eye-popping effects, particularly when Iron Man takes to the skies and during a climactic face-off towards the end.

If there’s a criticism, it’s that the film slows down somewhere around the halfway mark and it wouldn’t have hurt to chop out a good 20 minutes from that epic running time.

But, heck, you can’t fail but be entertained. And that’s a cast iron guarantee.

As Iron Man 3 reviews start to trickle in — mostly from international press — the film looks to be the latest Marvel Studios critical hit.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Iron Man 3 currenetly has a 93 percent positive score, in an index of 30 reviews. By comparison, last summer’s The Avengers ended up with a 93 percent total (off of 294 reviews), as did 2008’s original Iron Man (238 reviews). 2010’s Iron Man 2 didn’t fare as well with reviewers, notching 73 percent positive reviews among 273 indexed.

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Based on just five early reviews, Metacritic — which has a lower sample size and offers a qualitative score — has Iron Man 3 at a 74 out of 100, higher than the final scores for Avengers (69) and Iron Man 2 (57), yet it’ll have to notch a few more glowing reviews to equal the 79 score of Robert Downey Jr.’s first stint in the role.

Iron Man 3 opens in the United Kingdom this week, and British daily paper The Guardian called it “smart, funny and spectacular” and “luxury superhero entertainment.” Another daily, The Telegraph, said that “[ben] Kingsley’s Mandarin might be the smartest screen interpretation of a villain since Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.”

Time Out London was a little less kind, giving the film three stars out of five. The review praised parts of Shane Black’s performance as director and co-screenwriter, but wrote, “He seems out of his depth during the larger set pieces: the action sequences are busy and confusing, especially the misjudged, threat-free climax.”

There isn’t much in the way of domestic reviews at this stage, but The Hollywood Reporter contrasted it positively with Iron Man 2, and praised Downey’s work; “at his superhero genius best here, rattling off dialogue both clever and boilerplate with non-repetitive aplomb.”

Avengers and the original Iron Man are the two best-reviewed Marvel Studios films of the six released so far, and the two highest-grossing, domestically. If that pattern and the positive Iron Man 3 reviews both keep up, Iron Man 3, out in the US and Canada on May 3, could be the next major success story for Disney and Marvel.

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