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One Night Only Joker's Wild Live He accidentally helps Storm eliminate Devon. As storm is on the ropes eyeing the elimination of Devon, Roode sneaks up and tries to eliminate Storm while he was holding on to the ropes from the outside apron. Storm counters and manages to get back into the ring and nails Roode with a superkick for the win. Storm wins $100,000. The second half was a free for all battle royal style match. Here is how I can remember the wrestlers being eliminated. Joseph Park, D.O.C, Jessie Godderz, Daniels, Robbie T, Samoa Joe, Ken Anderson, Christian York, Morgan.

The synopsis for the event reads, “The first round of this special will create some intriguing tag team matches. For one night only, old partners will reunite and bitter enemies must work together in order to advance. Once in the finals, however, any friendships or forged alliances will quickly disappear as the wrestlers will compete in a winner-take-all gauntlet battle royal, where it’s every man for himself and the winner will receive $100,000!!!”

* James Storm and Christian York versus Gunner and Crimson

* Jessie Godderz and Mr. Anderson versus Douglas Williams and Kid Kash

* Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe versus Chavo Guerrero and Rob Van Dam

* Robbie E and Zema Ion versus Bobby Roode and Joseph Park

* Hernandez and Alex Silva versus Devon and D.O.C

* Robbie T and Matt Morgan versus Joey Ryan and Al Snow

* Final Gauntlet to win the Joker's Wild tournament

The order of entrants for the main event gauntlet match are as follows:

James Storm won the main event gauntlet match by last eliminating Bobby Roode. Storm and Roode were also the first men in the " gauntlet", which actually appears to be TNA's version of an over-the-top rope Battle Royal rather than your standard WWE gauntlet match.

Christian York and James Storm defeated Crimson and Gunner. Storm and York cut a promo on each other after the match.

Mr. Anderson and Jessie Godderz defeated Kid Kash and Doug Williams. Anderson and Godderz had real friction early on. After some early exchanges, Anderson hits Godderz with the Mic Check and then pinned Kash for the win.

Samoa Joe and Daniels defeated RVD and Chavo Guerrero after Joe countered RVD's frog splash and gave RVD a muscle buster finisher.

Joseph Park and Bobby Roode defeated Robbie E and Zema Ion after Park turned on his 'Abyss mode' and cleans house. Roode tagged back in and covered Zema Ion.

D.O.C. and Devon defeated Hernandez and Alex Silva. Devon and D.O.C.and are elated that they were picked. D.O.C. pins Silva after giving him a chokeslam

Matt Morgan and Robbie T. defeated Al Snow and Joey Ryan. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan refused to wrestle against each other throughout the match. After Rob Terry and Al Snow wrestled for a few minutes, they realized that they had to force Morgan and Ryan to wrestle. Joey Ryan was tagged in and he began attacking his own partner, Al Snow. Then Morgan tagged in and nailed Snow with the Carbon Footprint.

The winning teams are all part of the gauntlet match. This pay per view is more confusing than the king of the mountain match.

Both Devon and Storm are on the apron fighting. Mike Knox comes out to help Devon and goes to attack James Storm

The second half of the tournament was way better than the first half.

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