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[Invisionize.eu] Special Offers Roundup: Community Suite and Switch Offers

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Over the past couple weeks we have announced and offered several special pricing promotions. The response has been overwhelming to say that least. IPS staff would like to take this time to publicly thank all of our customers who have helped us answer questions from those considering our software and shown, not only how powerful our software is, but how welcoming our customer-community can be.

This announcement reviews all current offers and gives everyone one last chance to take advantage of these historically low prices in IPS products. All offers end November 2, 2009 when our new "the more you buy the more you save" pricing is launched.

If you have ever considered IP.Board for your community, now is the time!

Community Suite Promotion

The current Community Suite package offered for sale on our web site has been available for quite some time and features a bundled deal to purchase IP.Board, IP.Gallery, and IP.Blog all at once. It has been a great way for customers to purchase those products at once for a discount. However, the package was introduced before we had other products like IP.Downloads, IP.Content, and more.

The downside is that some clients want to mix-and-match from our various product line yet the Community Suite is the three products listed with no other options. It also becomes difficult as IPS adds more to our product line.

Therefore, starting November 2, 2009, we will be discontinuing the Community Suite purchase option. On that date it will be replaced with a discount option based on the simple premise of the more products you purchase at once then the greater your package discount grows. It's only fair to offer a greater discount based on your purchase volume while still offering you flexibility to choose which products you want. We will have information about this on our web site when available in November.

Last Chance to Purchase Community Suite

If you are interested in our Community Suite be sure to order before November 2 to lock in the price and the renewal offers.

Pricing Benefits

Ordering products (Board/Blog/Gallery) separately: $264.97 up front plus $100 per year for support/services/upgrades

Ordering products through Community Suite: $249.99 up front plus $50 per year for support/services/upgrades

Special IPS Product Line Offer

Until November 2, we are also offering a special for those wishing to purchase the entire IPS product line. If you are interested in all that's offered under the Community Suite (Board/Blog/Gallery) plus IP.Downloads and IP.Content you can purchase all of these products for just an additional $50 (total of $299.99 for all) on top of the Community Suite price. That's a savings of $50 compared to buying separately. Standard renewal terms apply. Purchase special offer... it is only available by reading this announcement - not mentioned anywhere on our web site!

Special Switch to IPS Offer

From now until November 2, anyone looking to switch their community to our powerful line of software can do so for a reduced price on the Standard licenses. We are lowering the price on the Standard license from $149.99 to $124.99 for just 4 days. Take advantage of this very low price if you have ever considered giving our software a try! (No coupon code required. So as not to exclude anyone: existing IPS customers can purchase at this price as well.)

Volume Pricing

Note that volume pricing is a new, permanent pricing feature and will remain in place beyond November 2.

It has been requested and we are now happy to announce volume pricing for customers wishing to purchase multiple IP.Board licenses. If you have at least two full-price, active licenses for IP.Board then you will now be able to purchase discounted Standard licenses for just $99.00. Renewal fees will remain the normal price. For customers who purchase more than 25 licenses, their price drops to $49.00.

As with any great deal there are terms and conditions. To qualify for purchasing additional licenses at a discounted price: you must have two full-price licenses (Standard, Business, or Community Suite licenses qualify) with their support and service renewal ($25/6 month) paid plus any existing discounted licenses must also have their support and service renewal paid as well. Applications will also be offered at discounted prices if they are associated with a discounted IP.Board license. Discount pricing for applications will be available in the client area and will range from $30 - $50 depending on the application.

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