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[] duncancumming's Blog - "Digital Marketing Agency " or "Shrewsbury Antiques Dealer"- Five Simple Steps to a Successful Local SEO Strategy

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Whether you're a Web Design Agency in Windsor or an antiques dealer in Shrewsbury, local SEO has taken over from storefront promotion as the local business person's marketing must.

No longer is it enough to merely have a presence, but, rather now," rel="nofollow">local SEO is all about playing an active role in an online community. Acting as a virtual extension to your physical surroundings, local SEO is the modern approach to being the heart and soul of a community, and truly your local business cannot thrive without it.

Here are five quick steps to becoming Berkshire's top Digital Agency or, indeed, Shrewsbury's top Antiques Dealer.

1. Ensure that your keywords are applicable to Local algorithm tools.

Although the majority of "location-business type" combinations activate Google's local algorithm tools, there are still numerous pairings that do not. This would mean that you could improve your sites ranking through a general SEO strategy, as opposed to a more localised approach.

2. Get your NAP right

For those of you who don't know, NAP is not some kind of complex computer jargon, although it does read as such; simply it means "Name, Address and Phone Number". As sophisticated as Google's tools are becoming, unless your NAP always appears in exactly the same way, it will see your entries as two or more unique businesses, limiting the benefit you will receive from your SEO. Always get the simple things right!

3. Get Listed

Register your business in as many locally focused directories as possible. This not only includes the major players, but any directories specific to your area and niche also. Whether it's Bangor's bakery book or Derby's Dentist Directory, get yourself in there. When doing this, simply focus on location and business relevancy and you're onto a winner.

4. Judge the competition

Before you even get started on your own local SEO strategy, it is important to judge the competition and see exactly what it's going to take to get into the 7-pack for your niche and location. Assess both the top ranking site and the lowest in the 7-pack, by entering their "NAP" into Google. This will let you know what you need to do to squeeze your way into that exclusive group.

5. Pin your geographical location

Yes, even online, local business is all about location. Quite simply, the local algorithm will always seek matching businesses in a 'central' location of a town or city. This is a reality known as the "centroid bias". It means that if your business does not fall within a set boundary, then, quite simply, it can be difficult to improve your rank in said city or town.Preference will always be given to those businesses in downtown areas, or specific central districts. A Digital Agency in Berkshire is going to struggle to rank in Reading, for example, unless it falls within a specific boundary in the city.

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