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[] IPS Marketplace Blog - IP.Content Livee Streams -- A sexier system than TeamLiquid's, CLG's, an TeamSolomid's. Don't miss out

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IP.Content Live Streams

This IP.Content system will allow you to create your very own Live Stream system that rivals most of the competition out there today. It utilizes some of IP.Content's built-in features, such as the Databases, Page Templates and the Database Templates as well as IPB's Permission/Moderation systems and even task scheduling.

This allows the Live Stream System to be robust for the end user by not keeping it tied down by a hard coded database or page for example. This means that adding fields to the database can be done right through IP.Content database without any code knowledge and can provide instant results to the specified page making maintenance a cinch. If you know how the Justin.TV API functions, you're also able to add your own calls to get what data you need displayed easily on your site.

What this system does is allow anyone you specify based on permissions to submit their own Streams. Right now this system supports Twitch.TV and others may be added in the near future. The user will submit their channel name and any additional fields that an admin might add which is then parsed and displayed in the Stream Listing.

From there, various information is collected from that channel's source through the API(s) and output for display on the page. The user can then click on any of the submitted streams to be taken to the Stream's Display which contains the video feed. From this screen, users will be able to Like, Subscribe, Rate, Comment, and Moderate as well as choose to be taken to the actual channel, dim everything around the video for easier viewing and even toggle the embedded chat stream for that channel.


  • Add/View Streams from Twitch.TV
  • View a listing of the user submitted Streams via Online/Offline Status, Preview, Channel Name, Game Name & Viewers.
  • Sorting via Channel Name, Game Name and Viewer Count.
  • support for additional fields via simply adding/editing/deleting fields from the IP.C Database Ex. "About Stream included"
  • User/Moderator Permission sets
  • "Feature" Streams
  • Dim,Like, Follow, Rate, Comment and even Toggle the Streams embedded chat as well as an option to view the stream on the official website.
  • Moderation through the Stream display or ACP/MCP, Hide, Delete, Pin, Lock, Edit
  • Takes use of IPB's Global Styling so theoretically supports any properly skinned theme.
  • And more….

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