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[Invisionize.eu] IPS Resources - IP.Shoutbox Development Information

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As stated in a previous blog entry, we will be providing brief blog entries on the status of each of our community projects. This blog entry will keep you up to date with IP.Shoutbox.

IP.Shoutbox 1.1.1 has been out for some time and has been fairly stable, of course every release has bugs here and there and we release regular maintenance releases to fix these issues. Development has finished on IP.Shoutbox 1.1.2 and a release will be available very soon. We are hoping that IP.Shoutbox 1.1.2 will be the last release of the current 1.1 series. There are no feature additions or changes in 1.1.2, it is simply a bug-fix only release.

IP.Shoutbox and IP.Chat

Since the announcement of IP.Chat, the new chat service currently being tested on these forums, there has been a few questions about the future for IP.Shoutbox. We would like to make clear that IP.Chat and IP.Shoutbox are two different products, and there is currently no intention to stop development any time soon. Work will soon begin on the next major version of IP.Shoutbox, 2.0.0. The IP.Shoutbox developers will be posting blog entries about what you can expect in this new release when the time is appropriate.

Stay tuned to the IPS Resources homepage and the IP.Shoutbox forum to find out when 1.1.2 is released!

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