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[] Volume Pricing and Application Renewal Changes

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Today we are announcing several price changes including volume pricing, renewal term changes, and a renewal price reduction.

Renewal Term Changes

As all of our clients know, our IP.Board licenses renew every 6 months to continue support, upgrades, and services for the licenses. However, our applications (IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, IP.Downloads, and IP.Content) all renew just once a year. This yearly renewal is a leftover policy from previous license setups that were just yearly renewals.

To make everything match, we are changing all application renewal terms to match the 6 month term for IP.Board licenses. It is important to note that we are not raising the actual prices but the frequency of the renewal period so everything is the same. This change will make managing your licenses with IPS much easier for both you and our staff. Example: IP.Blog renewal is currently $20 per year whereas it will now be $10 every 6 months.

IP.Gallery Renewal Reduction

Currently IP.Gallery is $30 per year for the renewal fees. We are now lowering this to $10 every 6 months to match IP.Blog and IP.Downloads. As this is a price reduction we have credited all customers with currently active IP.Gallery licenses with a 3 month extension to their term. Note that this does not apply to Community Suite licenses as those licenses have free renewals for IP.Gallery already included.

Volume Pricing

It has been requested and we are now happy to announce volume pricing for customers wishing to purchase multiple IP.Board licenses. If you have at least two full-price, active licenses for IP.Board then you will now be able to purchase discounted Standard licenses for just $99.00. Renewal fees will remain the normal price. For customers who purchase more than 25 licenses, their price drops to $49.00.

As with any great deal there are terms and conditions. To qualify for purchasing additional licenses at a discounted price: you must have two full-price licenses (Standard, Business, or Community Suite licenses qualify) with their support and service renewal ($25/6 month) paid plus any existing discounted licenses must also have their support and service renewal paid as well. Applications will also be offered at discounted prices if they are associated with a discounted IP.Board license. Discount pricing for applications will be available in the client area and will range from $30 - $50 depending on the application.

We hope you enjoy the new flexibility of 6 month renewals, the less expensive IP.Gallery renewals, and the options for volume pricing!

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