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[Invisionize.eu] IPS Company Blog - Demo Updated

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Good news:

Our demo system has been upgraded to IP.Board 3.0.4 and IP.Content 1.1.0 and the standard time for a demo increased from 8 to 24 hours. Feel free to create an account to have a look. As always, certain functions do not work on the demo system for security and other general oddities can pop up because of the restrictions. Of course you will not have such issues on a real install of our software.

Temporary bad news:

The demo system has been completely overloaded the past few days. We have to limit the number of accounts on the system just because of simple storage space and resources. If you get the "system full" message just check later - accounts are constantly cycled off the system as they expire.

Zobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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