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[Invisionize.eu] IPS Resources - Community Projects Development Update

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This brief blog entry is to give you information on the status of the current community projects. We are aware a lot of you are awaiting the releases, and we are trying to push them out. However, due to the fact the community projects are developed by members of the community, they also have other commitments.


IP.Tracker is, alongside the Community skins Beta, our highest priority. We are hoping to push out the maintenance release for 1.3 as soon as possible, development is in the final stages and we will be cutting off new bug reports and marking them for 1.3.2. This will be done in order to make sure that 1.3.1 does get released, if we keep fixing all bugs that come in, a release will never be made.

Community Skins

We recently announced the addition of the community skins to our community project line-up. For the first release, 3 skins from IP.Board 2.3 will be released. These are IP.Board Classic Blue, IP.Board Pro, and IPSBeyond. You can view all of these on the company forums by choosing the skin selector.

We are currently awaiting the finishing touches to two of the skins, and then they will be fit for beta where you can install them on your forums. We will have more information available soon for these skins.


IP.Shoutbox recently had a maintenance release, 1.1.1, which fixed most of the known bugs from the first release. Development on the next maintenance release is ongoing and a release is expected within the month. IP.Shoutbox is currently the lowest priority on our community projects.

IP.Converge Modules

There has been a lot of interest in new module which will connect IP.Converge to Drupal. We are planning to include Drupal in the next release of the Converge Modules and we will have more information available soon.

As said above this blog entry is very brief but designed to give you a bit more information in how things are progressing. Detailed blog entries covering each community project will follow in the coming weeks.

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