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[Invisionize.eu] From the Other Side - Templates: How to make them unique - Using ads as an example

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Ok, so I lied. I said I probably wouldn't do anything this weekend, but I got a reply to a topic and realized that not everyone understood how simple things were with IPB templates. So, with that in mind, I'll explain just how easy it is to add templates to the system, using my own 'advertisements' as an example (no, there are no ads in this post). In this example, we'll be using my own retentiveness and keeping things in order. If you don't want to do that, that's fine, just skip the 'add theme group' part, and edit your variables to reflect that.

We'll start with the basics. You are in your admin control panel, right? If not, go there now, click on 'Look and Feel', and select your site's theme.

Underneath the Templates set, you will see "Add a new bit". Click on that

The first time you do this, you should fill this form in two places.

  • Template Bit Name: use ads_header
  • Create a new template Group: Use skin_ads and put it in there

Click on add a new bit again, this time select the new group (skin_ads), and call the template ads_footer, and click on 'add'.

Click on add a new bit again, this time select the new group (skin_ads), and call the template ads_sig, and click on 'add'.

Now, we have 3 custom templates for your forum, putting the content in those is up to you. Get the content from your provider (adsense, yahoo,clicksor, whatever), and place the appropriate content there. Make sure when you do, you click on 'save'

However, putting ads in the template isn't going to solve your problem. You need to display those ads, right? Well, that's the easy part

Again, in your Look and Feel section, and in your site's theme, open up global templates -> signature_separator . This is the ideal place for the signature ad. Change the code to look like this:

<div class="signature">{parse template="ads_signature" group="skin_ads" params=""} {$sig}</div>

Click on 'save' and you're done.

Still in your template editor, open up GlobalTemplate and make the following changes:

Look for:

<div id='content' class='clear'>

and change that to:

<div id='content' class='clear'> {parse template="ads_header" group="skin_ads" params=""}

Look for

</div> &lt!-- __FOOTER__ -->

and change THAT to:

{parse template="ads_footer" group="skin_ads" params=""} </div> &lt!-- __FOOTER__ -->

Click on 'save' and you're done. Make SURE when you click on 'save', you're in each appropriate template, otherwise this won't work

Now, fill out the ad templates with your own code, and voilla, you have ads on your forums. This isn't an 'automatic' product thing, and it's not really necessary to be, this is something that is very easy to edit and change around with your own code as need be.

Of course, this is just an example of how simplistic editing the templates actually is , and how I learned it myself. I'm still trying to figure out the answer to this thread , so if you can help me there, I'd appreciate it. Once I do get an answer, I'll update this post!

Want to see what it looks like? Well, you can always check out my Free Community Forums to see what's up and how it looks!

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