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[Invisionize.eu] From the Other Side - Day One: The Conversion

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I must confess that for years, I have been loyal to vB, for various reasons. I'd tried using IPB, found it to sorely lack what I'm needing, and was just all around happy with the system of do nothing that was presented by vB. The need for something better though, came up, and an experiment, as it were began.

Today began that experiment, with a lesson in IPB: Conversion

Keeping topics, members, attachments, and everything of the like is critical and crucial. Why should members have to re-enter their details, re-signup for your forums, or recreate topics? The answer, of course that they shouldn't. Thankfully, there is an answer to that, the conversion tool .

The tool was used to convert another forum (non vB) to IPB, and keep things somewhat off network as it were. This filled a need in two ways

#1: Off Network support (yay)

#2: Testing and learning IPB for the possibility of converting my vB forums at some point in the future

After probably 3-4 hours, and a number of failed conversions, I finally got the forum converted from SMF 1.1x to IPB 3.0.3 (the latest stable at the time). The problems encountered?

  • Numerous 'user conversion' failures because the user didn't have a default avatar. Bad IPB!
  • An unknown 'forum conversion error' , not wanting to convert my category, yet not telling me why.
  • Things were very, very messy. Posts that were clearly spaced out in certain ways no longer were.
  • Signatures ended up being removed from all posts
  • Forums no longer counted towards post counts
    The resolution of these problems?

    • Running an SQL query on the SMF db to update all users to use a 'blank' avatar, as this is where the problem started.
    • Unsure, because the error was unclear to begin with
    • Manually editing posts and signatures, something I'm still having to go through and do. Thankfully, I only had a couple hundred posts on the forum, I'm going to dread doing this on my larger forums
    • Running an SQL query to update threads and force them to show signatures (1)
    • Running an SQL query to update forums to count posts towards user's postcounts (2)

All in all a very learning oriented day. That's why I chose such a small forum though to convert, in the first place. I dread actually converting the larger forums because it's going to be a literal nightmare to do I'm sure.

Anyways, on to day 2, modd'ing the forum, fixing it to look like I want it to!


update posts SET use_sig = '1';


update forums SET inc_postcount = '1';

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