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[Invisionize.eu] Starting from Scratch - Hello World! - An IPB.Board 3 mod - Part 1

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Here's my notes for building the framework for an IP.Board v3 (3.0.3) mod. All it's going to do is display the text 'Hello World!'. But it will use a new skin and a language file to do this.

If I continue to call this a 'mod' it is going to cause confusion (for reasons that will become apparent), so from this point forward, I'm going to call it an 'app(lication)' instead.

The URL for any is <boardurl>?app=<appname>[&module=<modulename>[&section=<sectionname>]]&<otherargs>]

It's important to understand this, because the names you choose for your app, the modules within the app, and the sections within the modules, dictate both the folder structure that must be used for your code, and the names of the PHP classes that are declared within those files. It also influences the name of the skin and language files.

It's ESSENTIAL that you choose an <appname> that is unique. If you do not, your files are going to overwrite some others from another app, or worse, I suspect (but haven't tested) that IP.Board will refuse to install your app if there is already one with the same name.

For my app I have decided that it will have:

<appname> = helloapp

<modulename> = hellomod

<sectionname> = hellosec

The first thing I need to do is 'register' the app in AdminCP. I select System (tab) > Applications & Modules (left hand menu) > Manage Applications & Modules (link). Then I select the 'Add New Application' button.


After submitting this form, the list of applications and modules now includes mine.


On the public side of the board, the 'Hello World' tab has appeared. (Clicking on it does nothing though)


That's the easiest part done. I've registered an application and made it appear on the public board. Now all I need is the code. Later ....Zobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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