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[Invisionize.eu] Starting from Scratch - Preparing IP.Board for modding

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Now the board is installed there's a few steps needed to get it ready for beginning to mod.

First, unless you have a separate license for this version of IP.Board, you really ought to disable registrations to stop people form joining it and making it into a 'live' board. Personally, I also take it offline to stop people from viewing what is going on 'inside' too.

Next you need to put the board in Developer Mode. To quote the article at the resources site:


IP.Board 3 includes a useful 'developer mode' that facilitates easier skin and language management, as well as a few additional tools and settings in the Admin Control Panel.

I'm not going to repeat any of that article, you just need to follow it.

The article (in my opinion) does not emphasise enough why you might want to put a board into Developer Mode if you are modding. It's because, in addition to writing code of course, you are likely to be doing large edits to new skins, language files and (perhaps CSS). It's far easier to edit the files by hand in these master_foo folders, than it is to use the editors in the AdminCP. The editor in AdminCP is good for tweaks and minor edits, but not so suitable for larger scale editing.

So, if you're going to use an editor, which one? I've deliberately built my server 'light' with no graphical interface, and I cannot get to grips with Linux editors, so I prefer to editor on my deskside PC. My personal favourite editor is Notepad++.

I am just familiarising myself with the FTP synchronisation feature, which if I'd used it before, means I would have ready made backups before the previous server crash. It's a pain needing to download (in a FTP client), edit, then upload (in an FTP client) every time a file needs changing. Before I learned about Notepad++ FTP capability, I was using Samba on my server. This makes parts of a Linux server disk look like a Windows compatible disk.

Therefore in Notepad++ I was able to load,edit and save the server files without any FTP client. Reading around my server crash though, I'm almost certain that it was Samba that was the cause (because my PC was exploring a folder on the server just when my app was changing the folders contents). This time I am trying to work without Samba and use Notepad++ FTP capabilities instead.Zobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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