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[Invisionize.eu] Starting from Scratch - PLESK to the rescue - server good to go

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That ought to have been simpler.

  • I installed CentOS 5.3 absolute minimal install from the DVD rebooted, and logged in.
  • I tried wget http://download1.parallels.com/Plesk/Plesk8.6/CentOS5/parallels_installer_v3.4.1_build090204.18_os_CentOS_5_i386 and was told wget was not installed
  • yum install wget solved that problem so I repeated the above. Success.
  • The installer I just loaded has to be made executable. CHMOD 755 ./parallels_installer_v3.4.1_build090204.18_os_CentOS_5_i386
  • Started the PLESK installer with ./parallels_installer_v3.4.1_build090204.18_os_CentOS_5_i386 and went for a cuppa. It takes quite a while!
  • From my PC, started up the browser and loaded the PLESK admin page https://<IP_address>:8443/ Nothing
  • From my PC browser, tried the default home page that PLESK installs http://<IP_address> Also Nothing :(
  • From my PC, using putty (doesn't everybody?) I successfully logged in. Strange, the server is accepting connections but won't display pages. I've checked the PLESK install logs and it says its running, I can see that Apache and MySQL are running.
  • Eureka Moment! Normally when you install CentOS, after it reboots the first time, it asks you how you want to configure the firewall. But on this install, that didn't happen. Could the firewall be running?
  • iptables -L told me that it was and was rejecting all TCP connectios. This HOWTO told me how to switch it off (both were running).
  • Success. :) One server with PLESK (licensed for 1 domain and 1 mail user) installed

If it hadn't have been for the troubleshooting I needed to do, the total time was probably 90 minutes (on a 10mbit connection). I'd really encourage people who have a LINUX/PLESK host for their site to try this next time you replace your deskside PC and/or have a spare PC in the house. I checked, mine is 6.5 years old, but it's perfectly good for modding/skinning IP.Board. And the advantage of the PLESK install is that it adds MySQL, PHP and PHPMyAdmin for you, and a web interface for creating databases, database users, ftp accounts, utilities for backups (if only I'd been using them ;)) etc. You really don't need to be a LINUX guru to get this going, just a few commands to install the stuff and you're good to go.

Next steps are to create the domain, ftp account, and a database and user ready for an for IP.Board install. I won't be blogging about those steps.Zobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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