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[Invisionize.eu] IPS Company Blog - Spam Monitoring Service Update

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Our new Spam Monitoring Service is being adopted by thousands of IP.Board owners all over the web and we are starting to see the system "learning" about spam accounts and blocking registrations from all the incoming reports. It's great to see the community of IP.Board owners working together to help combat spam.

We are noticing that some clients are not properly using the service because of domain mismatches. To see if your service is working properly the easiest thing to do is check the logs in the AdminCP under Logs -> Spam Service Logs. If you see a bunch of "0" response codes then there is a problem accessing the service.

Go in your client area and be sure the license URL is accurate and change it if needed. Also be sure you use the Request Spam Service key and input that as your key - not your license key. We have also seen some clients running their forums under forums.example.com but have entered example.com as their license key URL. Be sure to update that to forums.example.com for everything to work properly.

Finally, be sure you are using the "mark as spam" feature in IPB. Not only does this automatically shut down the spammer's account and hide all posts they have made but it also automatically reports that back to IPS as a spam account. This not only helps you but every other IPB owner fight spam registrations.

We hope everyone is enjoying the free Spam Monitoring Service for IPB service license holders and IPS Hosting clients. We have already blocked hundreds of spam account registrations and are very happy with the performance of the service. Enjoy!Zobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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