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[Invisionize.eu] Woodsman's Blog - Finally getting play with the 3.0 skins, templates and css files

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Well I have only had 3.0 on my local now since the beta's and every time I would sit down with them the distractions would sit down with me. Whether it is the new cat that has to do her circle thing walking over my desk in front of me then walking on my left chair arm up to the back then to the window just to jump down again just to start all over. Or the phone ringing from those who want to sell me a lifetime of nothing just to be told leave me alone I am on the NO Call LIST! Or the Neighbor needing my truck to haul something it was not meant to carry or an electrical job where he bit off more than he could chew. Then there is "Family"... Am I going to work on the driveway today? The Lawn needs cutting, or my favorite can you feed the dogs and the cats and make sure they have water? Or Dad can you figure out how to fix this that and the other thing with my vehicles? The latest (yesterday) putting a 3 inch body lift on a 92 Ford F-150 4X4. 2 months ago it was how to get the 89 5.0 from my old truck to hook up and run with his computer and electrical system of the 92. What Next? Maybe I need to teach him to drive it being he has never had anything bigger than a Chevy Lumina.

Well yesterday I finally had a few minutes to look over 3.0's templates and css files to get an idea that I need to work on as far as skinning goes. (before the body lift) I found one skin that was so basic to compare to the default that I think IPS should break it down for the next how to e-book tutorial. It was so simple that it sheds light on just what the other skinners are thinking, and why didn't this work with 2.3.x? I got a chance to start working on my Crimson shadows theme I use on I use on one of my websites and it is coming along easier and quicker than the 2.3.6 skin that is currently there. My only downfall is that the PC I am currently using to design it is it don't have the graphics card that this or the others have at the moment and it is the only PC at my feet that don't have a specific duty, for example this particular machine is still beta testing Windows 7 and it's load issues. The file server has its own limitations as the server I originally designed for hosting. Sorry to say Windows 7 as Vista won't run worth a damn on these two machines. The thing I still like about the moth balled then returned PC is that it allowed me to install both 2.3.x, 3.0 forum softwares that can be compared without slow run time or hanging issues. So is newer really better? I say No... There are times where simplicity still has its edge over power and speed and servers seem to lose quite a bit in design over a simple workstation.

Well I guess I had better get back to feeding the kids, answering the godforsaken phone and waiting for the dreaded knock on the door.... After all it is another wonderful Monday. Even though it is added on Tuesday... :Whistle:

I will add a few screen shots to the Gallery soon of my endeavorsZobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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