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[Invisionize.eu] Starting from Scratch - Building a development server

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I WAS going to blog about an IP.Board 3 modification I'm writing, adding entries as I go, sharing stuff I'm learning. All in the hope that it will be a record for me in the future, a kind of 'lab book' if you will, but also because it may help other people who are thinking of modding too.

HOWEVER I had a complete disaster a couple of days ago when my test server crashed spectacularly and has taken out all the code I had written in the last 3 months, AND refuses to boot up. So I am going to have to build the server from scratch, and thought I may as well blog about that too!

I want a separate server that runs the same level of software as the production system. I have a Windows XP desk side PC, and I have developed in the past using xampp for Windows , but our production server runs Linux, so that's what I'm going to build.

I'm going to use an old desk side PC that's around 5 or 6 years old. It was my previous Windows PC before the current one. The spec is very modest, but it's perfect for my development and testing (just so long as it doesn't crash again!).

  • Athlon XP 2800 processor
  • 512MB memory
  • 120GB Maxtor hard disk
  • nVidia GeForce ti 4800 SE graphics
  • CD-RW

I'm not great at creating all the folders and files required for a Linux website, and our production server uses the PLESK Control Panel 8.6. The vendors, Parallels, kindly let you download and install this product and use it for 1 domain and 1 email address, so that's ideal for the development server. The vendors say on the website that it expires after 30 days, but in my experience it does not expire.

This time though, I am going to install an open source Control Panel called ISPConfig. This will give the flexibility to have more domains and more users on the server in the future, and it's free.

Installing CentOS using default settings often causes some 'bloating' and there is too much software installed. So instead I am going to use the instructions at the 'The Perfect Server' HowTo site.

So, CentOS is downloaded and burned onto DvD, the target PC is configured to boot from the DvD drive, off I jolly well go.....Zobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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