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[] Invision Power Board 3.0.2 Released

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We are pleased to announce Invision Power Board 3.0.2 has been released.

This is the second maintenance release for IP.Board 3 and addresses various bugs and adds in some enhancements to existing features. Also, IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads have received a maintenance update.

Major Changes Since 3.0.1

Among many dozens of smaller bugs fixed, the following large changes and fixes have been made in the 3.0.2 release:

  • Improved search and member list performance
  • Date filter options for Active Content page
  • Many improvements for Sphinx searching (i.e. ability to filter by forum, ability to search titles only, ability to group posts as topics, plugin functionality for modifying the query, and misc bug fixes)
  • Ability to hide an application's tab on the front end, while still allowing it to be publicly accessible
  • Improved IP address lookup tool can now support add-on applications
  • Portal option to not pin pinned topics for articles
  • Added link to user profile when editing a member in ACP
  • Added display of time remaining for suspended members when editing a member in ACP
  • Spam Monitoring Service support
  • Ability to control image quality for Gallery images (jpg/png only)
  • PHP version 5.3 is now supported in IP.Board except for OpenID login method. We are awaiting updates from OpenID vendors.


You can download IP.Board 3.0.2 and any applications you have an active license for in the client area. As always, make a backup of your community before proceeding.

Spam Monitoring Service

To retrieve your key, login to your client area and go to your purchases. You will see an option to create a spam service key. Place that key in the Spam Service settings in your IP.Board 3.0.2 AdminCP.

Subscriptions Manager

The first Release Candidate of Subscriptions Manager is now available in the client area. While not the final version, feedback has been good and several clients are using it on their live site. However, we do of course suggest you wait until the final version before using it live.

MS-SQL Database Driver

The MS-SQL database driver is now available for new installations of IP.Board 3. Upgrade capability from IP.Board 2 will be available within the next two weeks. Zobacz Artykuł w pełnej wersji

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