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DB Error: (M23) Lofi - View New Posts

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ok i understand. but if u release new version f this mod included with extra MSEO readme.html then it's very nice.

MSEO Mod available to every one u can download it to from minervaseo site OR IZE OR IM OR IPS and check what the codes they used :)

hey spanner h r u man ? recently i have installed Michael John mod here is link http://www.devfuse.com/forums/index.php?au...amp;showfile=38 and after this i have this error


Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 03:06:35 -0400

Error Number: 1064

Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY t.last_post DESC LIMIT 0,25' at line 1

IP Address:

Page: /lofiversion/index.php?viewnew.html

mySQL query error: SELECT t.*, t.title as topic_title FROM ibf_topics t WHERE t.approved=1 AND t.state != 'link' AND t.forum_id IN(2,137,9,11,56,13,12,14,74,115,35,16,90,25,26,27,28,95,18,60,17,132,133,134,7





3,114,63,117,118,55) AND t.last_post >  ORDER BY t.last_post DESC LIMIT 0,25

i have asked this to micahel and he said this error is not from his mod because he is not used any extra queries OR Database in his. so i see and found that the IDS 2,137 and more are in Google SIte Map seeting in TOOLS & SETTINGS so this error generate because your mod conflict with Michael Mod (M23) Lofi - View New Posts so is there any way to fix this problem ?

thanks you

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i installed this mod, installed Google SiteMap Generator and when I click View New Posts link in lofi Version i see all new post.

You have eror in

AND t.last_post >  ORDER BY t.last_post DESC LIMIT 0,25
this place. Probablyin code:
$ipsclass->DB->simple_construct( array( 'select' => 't.*, t.title as topic_title',
'from' => 'topics t',
'where' => "t.approved=1 AND t.state != 'link' AND t.forum_id IN($forums) AND t.last_post > {$last_time}",
'order' => "t.last_post DESC" ) );[/code]

where varible $last_time is null. check this code maybe you have some mistake

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