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[] Invision Power Board 3.0.0 Beta 5 Released

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We are pleased to announce Invision Power Board 3.0.0 Beta 5 is now available. Additionally, the following development releases are available in your client area to test:

  • IP.Blog 2.0.0 Beta 3
  • IP.Downloads 2.0.0 Beta 3
  • IP.Gallery 3.0.0 Beta 3

    The fifth beta release of IP.Board 3.0.0 is now available for download to those with current, active licenses to IP.Board. This fifth beta is only available to active license holders.

    This is the fifth beta release so please take a moment and read this entire announcement before downloading.

    • As this is a beta release there will be bugs and issues with the software. Please report any issues using our bug tracker. Before reporting please first quickly check to see if anyone has already reported your issue.
    • This beta is encoded using IonCube. Beta releases are encoded so we can better control the release and ensure any reported problems are code-related and not due to modifications. Please ensure you are familiar with how to install IonCube encoded PHP software. The final version will not be encoded.
    • Technical support is not available for this beta software.
    • Do not use this software on a public install. Wait for the final series for your public installs.
    • There may be no upgrade path between beta versions.
    • You may upgrade from IP.Board 3.0.0 Beta 4, or from any pre-3.0.0 version of IP.Board all the way back to version 1.1.
    • In general, only download and participate in the beta test if you are comfortable working with beta software.

    System Requirements

    This beta version of IP.Board 3.0.0 requires PHP 5.1.0 or greater and MySQL 4.1.22 (5.0 or greater preferred) to operate. We have included the Ioncube loaders with the download for 32 bit servers. If your server is running a 64 bit operating system, you will need to visit Ioncube directly to download the loaders.

    Testing Help

    Please thoroughly test the skinning system, importing, exporting, creating new skins, editing templates,

    Download IP.Board 3.0.0 Beta 5

    If you have an IP.Board License:

    To download, log in to your client area. You will see the beta download information by clicking into your license purchase. As stated above, technical support is not available so please only download if you are comfortable beta-testing software.

    If you have IPS Hosting:

    Shared hosting customers can download by clicking into their hosting package. Forum hosting customers can also download but will not be able to install in their hosting account as Forum Hosting packages are limited to one install. Feel free to use another hosting account for this.

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