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[Invisionize.eu] IP.Gallery 4.0.0 Released

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Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Gallery 4.0.0!

IP.Gallery 4.0.0 is the latest version of our popular Gallery application. It has been completely rewritten to modernize the interface and to add better functionality. Everyone here at IPS is very excited at this new release and hope our customers will enjoy the update to this popular application.

Over the course of development, we've kept a blog on its development and we invite you to review the entries:

IP.Gallery 4.0.0 Manifesto

IP.Gallery 4.0 is a huge upgrade; the single biggest upgrade it has ever seen. We're blasting out the cobwebs and introducing a slick new interface that never loses sight of what a Gallery should be. We're simplifying permissions and accessibility to remove the clutter and confusion. We want you to fall in love with Gallery again.

IP.Gallery 4.0.0 Structural Changes

I want to completely re-focus Gallery and make the media the center of the application. I want users to view the images without being so concerned as to where they belong. I want to focus on organic discovery over being forced to browse pages of user albums or pages of categories.

IP.Gallery 4.0.0 View Image Page Tour

I have taken a short video to explain some of the larger changes and features of this page for Gallery 4.

IP.Gallery 4.0.0 Uploading Tour

Arguably the most crucial part of the gallery system is the upload system. A cumbersome and slow upload system deters people from uploading new images.

IP.Gallery 4.0.0 Interface Tour

I wanted to take a moment to run through the interface and explain a little more about the album types we have in IP.Gallery now.

IP.Gallery 4.0.0 Media Uploading Tour

You can upload videos alongside normal photos and quickly add a thumbnail to the video. If you upload a m4v, certain mov files and flv files, these are played in a Flash video player much like YouTube.

IP.Gallery 4.0.0 Mobile Skin

The mobile theme is lightweight as expected and makes good use of the small cropped thumbs as well as the new 'small' image that is created. This saves a lot of bandwidth which will be a huge relief to those that don't have a good 3G signal.

Release Notes

  • We have had several beta releases for testing and are confident any major issues have been addressed. However, as this is the first supported release that will be used by thousands of people, there could be as yet undiscovered issues. Please report issues in the bug tracker.
  • Important technical support note: During the launch of a new products, and the great interest created, support response times (especially for install or upgrade requests) may be delayed. We appreciate your understanding during the launch time. If your community is critical in nature and even the slightest delay in support services would impact you then you may wish to wait until a future version to use IP.Gallery.
  • IP.Gallery requires IP.Board 3.1.4 and will not install on prior versions.
  • MSSQL driver files are still in development and not available with IP.Gallery 4.0.0


IP.Gallery 4.0.0 has a built in upgrade system to upgrade your current IP.Gallery. However, please understand that this is a very large update and the interface has changed completely. We strongly recommend that you read the blog entries or test the Gallery installation on this site to ensure that all the functionality you need is available and the new interface suits your needs. If you have a gallery-centric site you may wish to wait for a future version. Please use the feedback forum for any discussion on the new functionality.

Version 4.0.1 Coming Soon

IPS is dedicated to promptly fixing any reported issues and will do so with the release of IP.Gallery version 4.0.1 very soon.

As mentioned in the release notes: because this is the first widely-distributed release there will be as yet undiscovered issues. You can expect several maintenance releases over the next several weeks. We appreciate your understanding and hope you can assist us in identifying any problems in this first supported release so we can quickly remedy them in our next updates.

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