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[] IP.Nexus 1.1.3 Released

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Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Nexus 1.1.3!

This is a maintenance release for our IP.Nexus application. IP.Nexus is designed to help you earn money from your community both directly and indirectly. Direct options include features such as payment processing and shopping carts whereas indirect methods may be banner tracking and donations.


You can purchase IP.Nexus right in your client area by clicking the green New Purchase button in the upper right corner. New clients can purchase IP.Nexus right along with IP.Board. If you an IPS Community Hosting client, the IP.Nexus features are coming soon to select packages (more information will be posted regarding IP.Nexus on hosting).

Don't forget to try our free demo to see IP.Nexus 1.1 in action for yourself.

If you have already purchased IP.Nexus, you can download it in your client area.

Server Requirements

As IP.Nexus deals with financial transactions we wish to do everything we can to ensure the security of your community and business. To further this goal, IP.Nexus source will be encoded using Zend Guard and Ioncube. This means that your server will need the appropriate PHP capabilities installed to run IP.Nexus. You can download our system requirements script which will check your server for Zend Guard encoding support. We also support Ioncube encoding.

Installing & Upgrading

Installation Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

IP.Nexus Getting Started Guide

If you would prefer one of our technicians to handle the installation for you - please send in a support ticket.

Release Notes

  • IP.Nexus requires at least IP.Board 3.1.4 and will not install on prior versions.
  • When installing IP.Nexus you must set your FTP client to upload files in binary mode. If you would prefer one of our technicians to handle the installation for you - please send in a support ticket.

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