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[] IP.Tracker 2.0.0 Released

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Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Tracker 2.0.0!

IP.Tracker is our free project management system for IP.Board, allowing you to powerfully manage projects and tasks within your community.

New Features

  • Overhauled Admin CP and tweaked front-end interfaces.
  • Deeper integration with IP.Board, making use of the like and notification systems.
  • Tracker Modules and Fields, powerful new options for dealing with statuses, severities and versions.
  • Powerful permission system allowing you to fine-tune access to certain Tracker features.
  • New version system giving you complete control over a projects versions.
  • Highly extensible for third-party developers.


    IP.Tracker is available for free to all active IP.Board license holders, and is available directly from the IPS Marketplace.

    Once downloaded, extract the zip archive and upload the contents of the /upload folder directly to your IP.Board's root folder. Visit your Admin CP and navigate to 'Manage Applications & Modules'. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find "IPS Add On / IP.Tracker", click install and let it run through the installation routine.

    Upgrading from a previous release

    Due to the nature of the upgrade, and in particular the new versions and permission systems, there are some notes regarding upgrades.

    • IP.Tracker will scan the issues table for all versions that have ever been in use, and record them in the new versions system. Versions that were not in use at the time of you upgrading will be marked as 'locked', current versions will be marked as open. It is advised that you check the versions for each project and decide what to do with the old 'locked' versions.
    • Similarly, the new field system has a powerful permission manager at its core which statuses, versions, and severity all make use of. Upon the completion of the upgrade, IP.Tracker will automatically fill in permissions for each project so that administrators can perform all tasks for each field, but again it is advised for you to manually go through these and fine-tune them to your needs.
    • Upon completion of the upgrade, please visit the IP.Tracker Admin CP -> Useful Tools, and rebuild all caches. The upgrade will then be complete.

    IPS Extras support Note

    As one of our "IPS extraa" products, IP.Tracker does not have ticket or phone support and does not include install/upgrade service. Please use the IPS Extras forum for support or feedback as appropriate.

    Release Notes

    [*]IP.Tracker requires at least IP.Board 3.1.4 and will not install on prior versions.[*]If upgrading from a previous release, please visit the project management area in the Admin CP and check each projects 'fields' permissions, setting them to what you need.[*]If upgrading from a previous release, please check each projects versions. IP.Tracker will automatically convert versions to the new system, but will also add older versions that are no longer used (marking them as closed). It is advised that you check the project versions and remove any you do not need.[*]If upgrading, you must visit IP.Board will not show IP.Tracker as having an available upgrade through the usual Admin CP, you must visit the upgrade URL!

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