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a cup of green tea

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Tension busy year has passed this way. Preganglionic always feel that the time had been very slow,

wow power leveling, really festive another time passes, the twinkling of an eye on is beginning to


Sometimes really feel the tired, I really do not know if people really want to experience this life how difficult frustrations can

all is well. Sometimes I was very upset, many reasons,

wow power leveling,from many aspects in life, so long for the kind of

rural life in particular, picturesque. North Korea hear birdsong, Xi sunset sunset tours. Eager to listen to crickets and Higurashi

grass, like the twilight children playing in the backs of cattle leisurely pleasant. wow power leveling,There are reed Dang River in the setting of a pair of wild ducks and birds unknown in the

switchgrass on singing. This reminds me of my hometown.

I remember when I go to the stream behind Dyke fish, as always in the days after the rain or when skip class. Often will be thrown

into a muddy, because the mother‘s fear of punishment,wow power leveling, but

only in the dark until the call in the mother anxious to go home. In that small farmers warm homes, the mother is always wearing

aprons hands together in the mouth, loud my name until they see me, then look into a touch of kindness instant smile , holding my

dirty little hands, mouth gently with the chatter, the eyes are full of love. At the time,

wow power leveling,I can say is the most happiness.

Because of geographical location, the village has always been very convenient to eat fish, mothers often have to eat in when told

his father, "hey, no dishes at home." Will be quietly picked up his father‘s fishing nets and led her sister came home and I only

twenty or thirty meters of river.extensive mountain stands in the dark blue of the river bank, the foot of the hill is the dense

forest. Shade trees, the river southclear. A leaf boat the ripple in the lake,

maple story mesos, groups of waterbirdsgroup. Because it is in the summer season, the

water temperature high, the fish are large numbers posted on the surface of the mouth, the cheerful amusement, and fatherat this

time, the radio networkaccurate enclosures up, and then slowly but surely dragged ashore, all the fish indiscriminately crowhop,

and a roll of the soil. I am with his sister to the bucket up with each other, with the rough all the way in his father‘s funeral

home. At this time the mother would be very early in the yard of a small branch from wok, pot is a ring of three-legged teams up

formwork, formwork children under the wood shelf,oil, to a garden Lane picked severaland parsley, cook a good pot add water to

clean up the fish next to the pot, and then scoop a bowl of special soybean farmers cover pot, fill juh. Only a moment, then filled

with a thick fish-flavored small courtyard of the farmhouse.set up a family sitting, small rice, Jiang fish sauce, coriander.

maple story mesos,Well, that smell on the brim of the opening to the moment of time

I will never forget, then warm, then no worry.

Today, the home of distant mountains and I, I by a non-life of a child, off to become a middle-aged. Wife, mother, shouldering too

many responsibilities and obligations. Also cried and laughed too. When all of the loss and happy have become less important, all

the. Life left to me,maple story mesos, remember who‘s fault, aside from their own things too

far. City tense and busy life, I willin tight spare time, holding a cup of green tea,stand, looking from afar. In the north-east of

the sea, in that distant sea, the mountains in the hill village, there is a ripe old age of my father‘s health, there areI am so

tired of hand-foot-brother and sister are healthy, there have been The mother passed away.

This year‘s Spring Festival, hurried past, away from home in recent days it has been.

a cup of green tea

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