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[] IP.Board 3.0.x and Applications: End of Life Announcement

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IP.Board 3.0.x and Applications: End of Life Announcement

So that we can focus all of our development, support, and service efforts on the newest version 3.1 platform and create a great version 3.2, we are announcing the end of support (sometimes called end of life or EOL) for the following IPS software versions (and earlier versions):

  • IP.Board 3.0.x
  • IP.Blog 2.1.x
  • IP.Gallery 3.1.x
  • IP.Downloads 2.1.x
  • IP.Content 1.2.x
  • IP.Chat 1.0.x

Technical support, installations, and related services will end for these products on June 1, 2011. On that date all technical or service requests will be advised to simply upgrade to the most recent versions of the products. We will not force upgrades but will also not be able to diagnose issues or answer questions relating to the older software. Also, on that date, IPS will no longer address any new issues or bugs reported in the older software versions.

You are of course free to continue using these older versions if you wish but IPS will no longer provide assistance after the EOL date.

Security Updates

In the event an issue is discovered impacting the security of these older versions of the software, IPS will provide a patch posted in our announcements forum. We will continue to provide security updates for several months after the EOL date based on severity of the issue.

Internet Explorer 7 Support

The next version of Internet Explorer, version 9, will soon be reaching a final, supported release from Microsoft. Once Internet Explorer 9 final is released we will begin phasing out support for Internet Explorer 7 which will then be two versions behind. This will not be an abrupt end of support but we will base our phase-out of support based on the market share and adoption rate of IE8/9 versus IE7. Issues reported that are specific to IE7 will be evaluated on a case by case basis and, depending on the severity of their impact, we will still address them. However, as a general practice, cosmetic issues or minor lack of functionality specific to IE7 will not be addressed.

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