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[] Invision Power Services: 2010 Year in Review

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We were recently inspired to write up our own year end review of 2010 to go over the highlights of all the accomplishments our staff made during the year. It's also a great overview of the advancements IPS constantly makes for our customers. Here are the highlights:

December 2009

We began blogging about IP.Board 3.1 and IP.Content 1.2. Everyone was very excited to start revealing the upcoming changes to IP.Board and to further the maturing of the new IP.Content product.


  • IP.Chat 1.0.0 released as final. IP.Chat 5 user room provided for free to all customers with an active support contract.
  • Blogged about expected updates to our addon applications
  • Released public phpdoc documentation for developers
  • IP.Downloads 2.1.0 released final. IP.Downloads 2.1.0 provides friendly URLs, upload progress bar, multiple files per record, interface updates, and more.
  • IP.Content 1.2.0 released final. 1.2.0 provides WYSIWYG editors, better control over fields, and better support for attachments.
  • Gallery 3.1.0 released final. 3.1.0 introduces album cover images, friendly URLs, sub albums, profile picture albums, friendly only albums, and fancy slideshow.
  • IP.Blog 2.1.0 released final. 2.1.0 includes support for group blogs, Blog This!, RSS imports, resource improvements and more.
  • Continued blogging about IP.Board 3.1 improvements


    • Improvements to spam monitoring service.
    • Continued blogging about IP.Board 3.1.0 and addon application updates to be expected
    • Extended our demo system to 48 hours (extended to 5 days later in the year).


      • IP.Board 3.1.0 revealed to the community via updated company forums. New features include profile customization, link sharing, status updates, twitter integration, reputation viewing, ad codes, notification system, soft deletions, and more.
      • Continued blogging about expected application updates and IP.Board 3.1.0 changes.
      • Skin Generator service launched for free to all active license holders.


        • Community Hosting improvements were made allowing for free 20 user chat rooms, IP.Content available for only $5/month, and a switch from generic metrics to user-based limits.
        • Continued blogging about application updates, and released betas of the new versions for the community to begin testing.
        • IPS Staff is excited to hear the news that Nakisha Thomas, our Director of Customer Service, welcomes the birth of her son.


          • iPhone app developed and released for free to the community.
          • Skin generator service updated.
          • Introduced IP.Nexus as our new business platform.


            • IP.Board 3.1.0, IP.Gallery 3.2.0, IP.Blog 2.2.0, IP.Downloads 2.2.0, IP.Content 2.0.0, and IP.Chat 1.1.0 released. Many great improvements for all products available to customers - check out the release topic for a full list. It's impressive!
            • IP.Board 3.1.1, IP.Gallery 3.2.1, IP.Blog 2.2.1, IP.Downloads 2.2.1, IP.Content 2.0.1, IP.Chat 1.1.1 released. Quick bug fixes for the most notable issues in the newest version.
            • iPhone app updated to support push notifications, amongst other features.
            • Community directory launched to allow customers free exposure to anyone using the iPhone app or browsing our company forums for any site.
            • New IPS web site launched.


            [*]IPS conducts a donation drive for Autism research, in part to test our newest upcoming product IP.Nexus, and in addition to raising $1000 via donations from our community, IPS donated a matching $1000 to[*]IP.Board 3.1.2, IP.Gallery 3.2.2, IP.Blog 2.2.2, IP.Downloads 2.2.2, IP.Content 2.0.2, and IP.Chat 1.1.2 released. In addition to important bug fixes, this release includes enhanced SQL error display, ACP live search improvements, SQL toolbox enhancements, improvements to partial member registrations, and more.[*]Forum support launched allowing official support via our company forums.


            [*]Website improvements to make documentation searching easier and better documentation organization.[*]Community hosting improvements implemented.


            Continued blogging about upcoming updates to our software. IPS does not release roadmaps as they are too easy to stray from and you end up making promises you cannot keep which we never want to do. Instead, we post blog entries when we complete a new feature so everyone knows it's not just a mockup or an unfulfilled hope.


            [*]IP.Board 3.1.3 released.[*]Skin generator updated and improved.[*]Release schedule for our products announced. The first and last time IPS has done this!


            [*]IP.Nexus 1.0.0 released.IP.Nexus is our powerful ecommerce solution that allows you to monetize your IP.Board easily.[*]IP.Content 2.1.0 released. Features include external widgets, redesigned default interface, block variable help, admin interface improvements, better forum integration, template import/export, and more.[*]IP.Nexus 1.0.1 released. As part of our commitment to maintain and update Nexus regularly, we release our first update for Nexus only 10 days after initial release of 1.0.0.[*]IP.Content 2.1.1 released. Resolves bugs reported since the release of 2.1.0.[*]IP.Board 3.1.4 released. This release includes new like and comment functionality which our other application updates will be making use of.[*]IPS Marketplace goes live. The Marketplace allows developers to sell their IPS product addons directly through our site, reaching more customers with less hassle.[*]IP.Nexus 1.0.2 released. This release is part of our continuing effort to ensure any issues affecting your ability to monetize your site using IP.Nexus are promptly addressed.[*]New release and quality assurance testing two-stage procedure implemented to help enhance quality assurance of releases, and to give customers a chance to test and use the software prior to actual release.[*]IPS Staff is excited to hear the news that Lindy Throgmartin, our CEO, welcomes the birth of his son.


            [*]In just a couple weeks of activity already paid out over two thousand dollars to Marketplace contributors.[*]IP.Blog 2.3.0 released. 2.3.0 includes new like and commenting systems, Facebook like buttons on entries, tweet entry button on entries, a redesigned portal interface, improved notifications, new interfaces, and more.[*]IP.Downloads 2.3.0 released. 2.3.0 includes IP.Nexus integration for selling downloads, an overhauled user interface, improved notifications, new like and comment system integration, and much more.[*]IP.Nexus 1.0.3 released.

            Still to come: Maintenance releases, new IP.Chat version, and IP.Gallery 4.0 reveal!

            We are all looking forward to a productive 2011 and will continue to bring you the best community software around!

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