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[Invisionize.eu] IP.Downloads 2.3.0 and IP.Nexus 1.0.3 Released

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Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Downloads 2.3.0!

IP.Downloads is our community file management platform for IP.Board allowing you and your members to upload files for sharing in an organized category listing with permissions, version control, and more. Changes and new features in this version include:

Improved Notifications: Notifications have been greatly improved in IP.Downloads 2.3.

As of IP.Downloads 2.3, users can be notified of:

  • New comments to files
  • New file updates
  • New files in categories
  • Broken file reports for their own files
  • File acceptance/denial by a moderator

    Moderators can be notified of:

    • New files pending approval
    • Broken file reports

      Liking Files: The new 'Like' system from IP.Board has been implemented into IP.Downloads 2.3, consolidating favorite and watch functionality using the central Like feature of IP.Board.

      Improved Comments: The new 'Comments' system from IP.Board has been implemented into IP.Downloads 2.3, improving the general user experience when reading and interacting with comments, as well as improving the moderator experience managing comments.

      Search Improvements: support for searching through Sphinx has been added to IP.Downloads 2.3, and for those not using Sphinx, proper MySQL fulltext search support has been added to IP.Downloads. The search results interface has been overhauled to provide more information, and some new filtering and ordering options have been added to the advanced search form for IP.Downloads.

      Sharing and Facebook: The IP.Board share strip has been added to IP.Download files, as has the Facebook Like plugin (for those utilizing Facebook integration).

      Custom Field Formatting: You can now define how to format custom fields when displayed on the file information page. This allows you to force fields that should contain a link to be hyperlinked, or to show an image based on a selection in dropdown, for example.

      View Downloaders: You can now allow users on the public side on a per-group basis the ability to view who has downloaded each file.

      Change File Owner: You can now change the owner of a file from the front end. Super moderators will have this ability automatically, and you can control on a per-moderator basis which of your IP.Downloads moderators have this permission.

      Latest Files Hook: A board index hook has been added to show you the latest files in IP.Downloads on your board index.

      Better Submission Control: Users can now specify which screenshot they submit is the "master" or "primary" screenshot. Users can now supply a file version number and a changelog for their submissions. Screenshots will now be cropped to a square size, rather than a proportionally downsized image.

      Changelog/Version Support: The file number and changelog submitted with files is backed up with each version, so users can view a full changelog of each file (when the submitter provides this information).

      Downloads Portal: A new (optional) homepage has been added acting as a portal to your IP.Downloads installation. You can quickly see what's new, what's popular, any featured files, top downloaded files (or, when using IP.Nexus integration, top free and top paid files), and much more.

      Overhauled Interface: The interface for IP.Downloads has been overhauled from top to bottom, providing for a much cleaner and sleeker experience.

      Moderator Options: Files can now be featured (one file at a time) - the featured file is shown on the downloads portal. Files can now also be pinned and unpinned. Better indications are shown for

      Miscellaneous: You can mark all categories as read from the IP.Downloads index page; you can now control on a per-group basis who is able to report files; you can now ban individual users from submitting files. Parent categories that only contain subcategories will now show the files from it's subcategories within the parent category view.

      Relevant Blog Entries:


    You can purchase IP.Downloads right in your client area by clicking the green New Purchase button in the upper right corner. New clients can purchase IP.Downloads right along with IP.Board. If you an IPS Community Hosting client, IP.Downloads comes with all packages!

    Don't forget to try our free demo to see IP.Downloads in action for yourself.

    If you have already purchased IP.Downloads, you can download it in your client area.

    Release Notes

    [*]We have had several beta releases for testing and are confident any major issues have been addressed. However, as this is the first supported release that will be used by thousands of people, there could be as yet undiscovered issues. Please report issues in the bug tracker.[*]Important technical support note: During the launch of a new products, and the great interest created, support response times (especially for install or upgrade requests) may be delayed. We appreciate your understanding during the launch time.[*]IP.Downloads requires IP.Board 3.1.4 and will not install on prior versions.

    Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Nexus 1.0.3!

    This is a maintenance release for IP.Nexus, or ecommerce platform for IP.Board, to fix various issues reported since the last version and to enable support for the new IP.Downloads integration. The IP.Downloads integration allows you to sell paid file access to your members just like we do in the [url=http://www.invisionize.eu/redirect/community.invisionpower.com/files/]IPS Marketplace!

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