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[Invisionize.eu] IP.Converge 1.1

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IP.Converge is designed to be an open platform allowing any website or application to make use of its features. However, due to some limitations and the complexity of writing the modules, it's only been used by IP.Board until now.

In IP.Converge 1.1 we have added the features developers need to make almost application IP.Converge-ready.

Username support

One of the most frequently requested features for IP.Converge from both developers and end-users is username support. Some applications don't support e-mail address-authentication which IP.Converge natively uses and many end-users would simply prefer to log in with their username.

In IP.Converge 1.1 developers can now set IP.Converge to send usernames to their applications instead of e-mail addresses.

We have also added a transparent layer into IP Board 3 so that even if you are using IP.Converge, you can log into IP Board using your username.

Users will also be able to change their username on one application and have it update across all your IP.Converge applications, just like e-mail addresses and passwords.

Sending non-md5 password

A lot of applications dont deal with passwords the same way IPS applications do. IP.Converge 1.0 sends passwords in md5 format, while this works well for IPS applications, it means a lot of third-party applications cannot be made IP.Converge-compatible.

We didn't want to compromise security by sending plain text passwords, but we really wanted to make any third-party application IP.Converge ready. So, in IP.Converge 1.1 each application can set its own password hashing

Converge also imports any extra information such as salts that are needed for hashing, so no matter how the application handles passwords, IP.Converge will be able to communicate with it.

These two additions make it possible for almost any application to be made IP.Converge-ready. We'd love to hear from developers who are interested in making some popular applications IP.Converge-ready for the benefit of our customers, if you are familiar with a popular application and would like to be part of this, please e-mail mwade@invisionpower.com.

All of this will be done while maintaining backwards compatibility, so if you do use a custom IP.Converge module, or perhaps you would like to use IP.Converge with a mixture of 2.3 and 3.0 IP Boards, that will be possible with IP.Converge 1.1.

The beta version of IP.Converge 1.1 will be available with the next beta release of IP Board 3, and as always, your testing and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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