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Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Board 3.1.4

IP.Board 3.1.4 is a maintenance release that fixes issues reported in the previous version and also adds required support for the new application updates scheduled to be released over the next few weeks. We were forced to release patches to 3.1.3 to address a few unforeseen issues with updates to IP.Board so it would be compatible with our new application releases. Version 3.1.4 is a version-number increment so all of our customers can be sure they are fully up to date with those patches. In addition to the 3.1.3 patches it also contains a few other bug fixes and small changes however there are no skin template, CSS, or language changes.


You can download IP.Board 3.1.4 in the client area. You might also read our general upgrading instructions for our software.

If you are already running IP.Board 3.1.3 you can also download an upgrade pack in the client area that contains only those files changed between 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 which allows for a faster upgrade process.

support Note

As with any release, please expect support response times (particularly for install/upgrade requests) to be longer than usual for the next few days. Refer to your license terms for support response SLAs. The upgrade pack for 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 makes upgrades much faster and easier so, whenever possible, you may wish to consider taking advantage of that option.

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