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Zlecenie na Logo

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potrzebne mi logo w pliku PSD. Sam bym to zrobił ale z EN jestem noga w związku z czym zwracam się z prośbą o wykonanie takiego loga do napisu Polish Fun Team w wielkości szer. 1000 wys. 300.Z czego litery P F T i M mają wystawiać na dół tak jak tam. tutek jest w pliku png.


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Plik pobrałem z DeviantArt. Chyba, że jest ktoś kto by mi go przetłumaczył:

In this short tutorial we will be learning how to create a custom logo based off original Team Fortress 2 main logo.

With this basic steps you will be able to reproduce it almost exactly.

This tutorial have been done using Adobe Photoshop CS 4, but you should be able to reproduce it in almost any other design suite that have similar edit options.

Here you can compare the final look of two custom made logos with the original one (middle).


let get into bussiness:

- Start with an empty document at any size you like.

Creating the basic Text:

-The font used here is called " COMPACTA BD" you can search for it in free fonts resources or any other places to download it.

- Now you have installed the font (move the .ttf file into Windows "fonts" folder and then start Photshop, it will load auto new fonts).


- All letters must be capitalized (use the PS text menu to change it) as you can also notice the first letters are a bit bigger so you will need to duplicate the text layer and rasterize it to be able to do some basic edits to text shape & size.

- Hide original text layer and work with "rasterized" one fron now on.

- On the newly rasterized layer "cut&paste" the first letters. In this case we need to edit W F 2.

- Paste every letter on a new layer and use the modify menu (ctrl+T) to change the heigh so they look larger than the rest of text as you can see in images. I used some guides to check sizes and proportions (cian lines)

- Now that you have every letter on his own layer and resized, you will need to merge them with the layer that contains the rest of text. so you end up again with all text in the same layer but now with extra capitalized letters.

Giving the slight rounded shape to the text

letters now should look more or less equal to the ones in original logo. but still you probably have noticed that borders aren't straigh angled but they are kinda rounded.

- select all text (ctrl+click on layer thumbnail)

- Open Layer menu and select "refine edge" play with values to achieve a sligh round corners and apply changes.

with all of this text itself should be ready, so now its time to work on the "shadow/3d effect".

Creating the 3D effect/Shadow


- This is maybe the tricky part of the tutorial but not as hard as it maigh look after read this crap tutorial.

- You will need TWO new duplicated layers of the Text layer we created on previous steps. (Keep the original

Upper-left effect (Green):

- Select one of the new duplicated layers.

- Now you need to press&hold the following combo CTRL+SHIFT+ALT and then the arrow keys "Left+Up" so you achieve "NUDGE" effect. A new layer will appear on top with a slight offset over the previous one.

- Repeat previous step for at least 4 times (or whatever amount you feel that looks good enough).

- You will end with a bunch of new layers so it will be handy that you select the new "Nudge'd" layers and merge them together for an easier handling later.

Down-Rigth effect (Grey):

- Repeat previous step but now move the text with arrow keys "Down+Right" and you will need to perform some layers..lets say 8...

- Select and merge again.

Now move the "original" plain text layer on top of these two so it should look as in previous example image.

Fixing the ugly sawteeth

after creating the "3D effect" background. Simply draw some 45º angled lines (press SHIFT while click to get auto 45º 90º 180º angles) that overlap over the letter borders.

take care with the line and shape blending so you dont get angled corners.

Move them manually and increase-decrease size as it needs..so it looks smoth

Lines here are colored with green for an easy understanding of the process.


- Once all lines are placed correctly to "hide" all corners merge them into one layer.

- Do a last check with the Zoom tool to verify there nothing left or with straight border or junctions.

Use the eraser tool or pen tool to fix whatever you find not looking as supposed to be.

Last step:

previously to add the Gradient to the "3D layer" (grey).

- Merge all background layers into one. the lines+the two backgrounds. (Do not select the original first layer with white text we put on top previously!)

- Select this new layer and fill it with a plain color, it should look now as in the image below


Adding the background gradient:

This is the last step that will give our new logo that TF2 look.

- select (ctrl+click on thumbnail) the background text shape.(grey)

- go to main menu "Layer>New Fill layer>Gradient" and create a new gradient using these two colors:

Light brown: #cb9221

Dark brown: #621c02

Select "align to layer" and 90º

- Accept changes and finally you should have end with somethign like this:

Finished look.


dont blame me cause the lack of more example images..these are the only ones I could find from snapshots while doing the design..

byłbym wdzięczny

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