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[] Enhancements to IPS Support and Services

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In our continuing efforts to enhance the support services offered by IPS we can recently made several changes that should help you to enjoy your IPS-powered community even more.

Easier Documentation Search

In response to customer feedback we have enhanced our documentation search system to search our official documentation, community-submitted articles, and resource downloads all at once.

Read the full information on search changes...

This change should allow you to more easily search all the various resources available to you as an IPS Community Suite user.

Try new documentation search now...

Reorganization of Documentation

We have a lot of great information in our documentation but it is often difficult to find as it is spread out into so many articles. As an example, Sphinx search setup alone has three separate articles explaining search settings, setting up Sphinx, and troubleshooting Sphinx. Using this example, we are working on merging all these various articles into one "everything you need to know about Sphinx" article and will be doing this with other articles as well. Another example may be the System Settings overview: rather than 10 mini-articles on settings you will now have one, comprehensive article to read.

This change does mean we will have to eliminate the current IP.Board option of the in-line AdminCP article view but we believe eliminating that one option in return for overall more comprehensive and easier to read documentation is one that will benefit everyone.

These changes will take place over the next several weeks as we merge things and add in more documentation content.

Official support on Company Community

For years IPS has only offered official support through our support ticket system but today that finally changes. We are renaming the Peer-to-Peer Technical support forums and will begin having IPS Staff monitor those forums and provide official support responses right here on the IPS Company Community.

Having forum support will be a great benefit to all IPS Community Suite users as it allows everyone to engage each other to help in a group effort. We have an amazing customer-community here at IPS and between customers helping each other and the addition of IPS Staff assisting in forum questions we believe that the overall support experience will greatly improve for all.

Guaranteed support will still only be offered in tickets and we may still ask you to submit a ticket if, for example, we need to login to your community to diagnose a problem. Forum support will be available to anyone with an active support service for IP.Board or the applications.

Community Hosting Improvements

We are making several large changes to our community hosting services which will benefit all new and existing customers of IPS community hosting.

  • All new account orders will have the IPS Community Suite software included in the packages automatically installed.
  • We are introducing a new Starter plan at just $4.99 per month for those just getting started in online communities.
  • The current $5 per month add-on package that includes IP.Content and incoming email will be changed to offer both IP.Content and IP.Nexus (when it is released) and will be available on all packages excluding the Starter plan.
  • Incoming email will now be a feature of all packages.

These changes will be applied to all existing customers on the package types listed on our web site and all new orders as well. If you are on an older package that is no longer offered on our web site your services will remain unchanged.

We are also discontinuing traditional web site hosting so that we may better focus on our core expertise of community services. If you are currently on a traditional web site hosting package your service will remain unchanged.

All of these changes will be phased in over the next few weeks.

Everyone at IPS hopes you enjoy these new changes and enhancements to our support and services!

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