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[] IPS Community Hosting Enhancements

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IPS Community Hosting is one of the most popular services we offer. Community Hosting allows people - from novices to experts alike - the ability to quickly deploy a community without having to worry about servers or software. By hosting your community with IPS you can take advantage of a single place for your entire online community presence.

Today we are happy to announce enhancements to all of our community hosting packages!

Online User Limits

Our community hosting packages primary limit are based on the number of concurrent online users on your community at any given moment. We have always felt this is the most fair way to handle the primary limit as it stands to reason: more people online the more resources your community uses.

One of the main concerns both perspective and existing customers have expressed to us is the occasional short-lived increase in traffic. The concern is that, as an example, a community is on the 25 online user package and gets a short-lived spike in traffic to 100 people online. Would their community be shut down? Would they be charged more? Not at all. We understand this happens and would not do that to you. Even so, many were concerned that this could happen to them. We have heard you loud and clear.

Starting today, the online user limits are no longer a maximum limit but instead are an average limit. This means that instead of, in our example, a maximum of 25 online we only look at your 7-day average to be sure it doesn't exceed 25 online. This means no more need to worry about those occasional bursts of traffic. One word can make a huge difference!

Post Storage Limits

We have also taken this opportunity to increase the post storage limits on all packages. As always you have unlimited bandwidth to serve your community and you can always prune old posts if you wish.

Blog, Gallery, and Download Applications

You have always been able to purchase IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads on community hosting packages. Some packages these extras were included and on others there was an extra fee. As of today all packages include these applications for free!

We will be providing account credits to any clients who paid for the add-on service within the last 15 days.

IP.Content and Incoming Email

We are now officially supporting IP.Content on all community hosting packages. There will be an extra fee of $5 per month for those that want IP.Content on their account (fee waived for Advanced packages). Included in this fee is free incoming email and a future as yet unannounced product we are developing will also be included. (The new product will be announced in the coming weeks)

Note that previously some accounts did have IP.Content installed and, as always, we will continue to honor those previously having IP.Content.


All IP.Board license holders and IPS Community Hosting customers have always enjoyed the free 5 online user package of IP.Chat. Now, all Community Hosting packages will include a free 20 online user IP.Chat package! Those on Advanced community packages will get the 250 online user IP.Chat package at no cost.

Advanced Integration

Those of you enjoying an Advanced package at the 450 or 750 level will have the added benefit of custom single sign on integration services for your community at no cost. This service includes IPS Staff working with your technical team to develop a single sign on authentication bridge between our community platform for your existing user login system so your users need only login one time to enjoy your entire site.

We hope you enjoy these enhancements to IPS Community Hosting!

Please contact or post in the pre-sales forum if you have any questions before purchasing.

Note: all enhancements only apply to those packages published on our web site. If you are on an older, legacy package your package offerings will not change. You can always switch to a new package type by contacting account services.

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