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[IPS Marketplace] [Black Friday Sale] Inactive Members Management

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This plugin will add a task which will run on a daily basis to prune/delete your inactive members, and/or move them to a different usergroup if you do not want to delete them. By default the inactivity is set to 365 days, but you can change it to suit your needs. 

Inactivity Criteria:

  •  Last Visit (in days).
  • Last Activity (in days)

Excluded Groups:

  • Members belonging to the selected groups will be excluded from being automatically prunned/deleted and/or moved to a different group.


  • Enable/disable setting to prune/delete inactive members.
  • Keep the name of inactive members in posts after they are deleted or change it to guest.


  • Enable/disable setting to move inactive members to a different group.
  • Select the group where you want to move your inactive members to.

Presale or General Questions?

  • If you have any questions regarding this plugin please do not hesitate to ask in the support topic. 

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